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Grill & Chill: Maximizing Your Summer with Gas Grills and Efficient Pool Heating Solutions

Grill & Chill: Maximizing Your Summer with Gas Grills and Efficient Pool Heating Solutions Summer is finally here, marking the official start of grilling season! If you’re tired of dealing with charcoal and hauling out the grill, it might be time to

How Hard Water Affects Your Plumbing

We want to help homeowners do what they can to prevent major damage to their plumbing systems and keep water moving through the pipes with ease. This week, we want to tell you about a common issue that can wreak havoc unexpectedly on a plumbing system: hard
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Maintain Your Generator Throughout the Year

Your generator only really needs to run when you don’t have any power in the home. That’s why it’s difficult for you to tell when your system needs service. Ensure your generator doesn’t break when you need it the most by keeping your generator
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How to Change a Whole House Water Filter

A whole-house filter is an effective way to protect your family’s health, improve the taste of the water, and give you peace of mind. But after it’s installed, you must continue to maintain the filter so that it doesn’t become clogged up. In today’s
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3 Reasons to Change Your AC’s Air Filter Each Month

You probably know that you have a replaceable air filter installed in your air conditioning (and heating) system. And you’ve likely heard that you should replace it, from time to time.
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Water Treatment with Mark Lindsay and Son

For fresh clean water, please call Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing for expert water treatment. We have been specializing in bringing fresh, clean water to families all over Clifton and the surrounding New Jersey cities for
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Let’s Talk Hard Water

Let’s Talk Hard Water Solving Hard Water Problems There is no doubt that hard water is a nuisance.It costs industry professionals and homeowners billions of dollars a year in cleaning expenses and maintenance. The labor and chemicals required to
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