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You’ve got questions and the experts at Mark Lindsay & Son Plumbing & Heating Inc have the answers. Below you’ll find a collection of previous questions and the expert answers.

What is the Average Life Expectancy of Equipment?
How often should I change my air filter?
Should I Have My Furnace or Air Conditioner Serviced Every Year?
What Does SEER, AFUE, and HSFP Ratings Mean To Me?
What is a Heat Pump?
At What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat?
Is Freon as a Refrigerant Being Discontinued?
Can Carbon Monoxide Build Up in My Home?
What if I Smell Gas?
How Do You Fix a Toilet That’s Constantly Running?
Why Does a Plumbing System Need a Vent?
What Factors Contribute to a High Water Bill Other Than Leaking Faucets and Pipes?
How Would I Know If My Toilet Leaks? If It Is, What Should I Do?
What Should I Do If I Have a Major Leak in My Home?
What causes plumbing and drainpipes to rattle all the time?
Why Does My Hot Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?
Why Does My Toilet “Sweat” And What Do I Do?
Why Won’t Water Enter The Bowl When I Try to Flush My Toilet?
How Do I Get My Toilet Tank To Stop Overflowing?
If My Drain is Clogged, Should I Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner Before I Call a Plumber?
What Does The Energy Factor (EF) On My Water Heater Mean?
Where Is The “Anode Rod” And What Does It Do?
Why Doesn’t My Old Water Heater Make As Much Hot Water As It Used To?
If My Water Heater Was In a Flood, DO I Need To Replace It?
Can I Use My Water Heater With a Solar Heating System?
Is a Drain Pan Necessary?
What Type of Maintenance Should I Do On My Water Heater?
Does Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offer Emergency Services or Weekend Services?
Does Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offer Financing Options?
Does Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offer Free Estimates?
Does Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offer 0 Contact Service Calls?

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