generator services west milford njWhen there is a power outage, it can be a big inconvenience to your daily life. However if you have a generator serving your property in West Milford, you don’t have to worry about the difficulties of not having electricity. Have the team at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc. handle all your needs regarding generator installation and generator repairs, as they will make sure you are equipped with a reliable source of backup power in the event of a blackout. Get in touch with our staff today!


You depend on a number of appliances and electronics each day to get all sorts of things done. Without power, the dishwasher, washer and drier, refrigerator, and the heater and AC, all stop working, along with the lights. You will not be able to charge anything or connect to phone lines or the internet. Don’t risk putting yourself in that helpless position in West Milford; turn to us for whole home generator installation.

We have trained professionals on staff to handle putting in a generator at your property. When you call us out and let us know you are interested in getting one, we will go over what your typical energy usage is so that we make sure we can equip you with something that is going to meet your power load needs. Whether you want to be able to have the entire property powered during an outage or are just looking to have electricity for a few essential things, our experts have got you covered.


Our team can do whole home generator repairs and portable generator repairs to ensure that you have the power you need when you need it, regardless of what kind of setup you have. The entire point of having one is to be able to depend on it, so it won’t do any good in a blackout if it is broken down. While problems with your HVAC system are fairly obvious, that’s not necessarily the case with generators, so contact a member of our staff when you suspect an issue.

Reach out to us and you can expect a quick response to solve all your issues. We can come to your place in West Milford and perform a comprehensive examination of the generator to identify where the issue is coming from. Once we know what is going on, we can perform repairs and quickly get it fixed and working again, ready to serve you the next time the power suddenly goes out.


Don’t waste time searching to web for “generator services near me”. Instead, just turn to the experts on staff at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc. and we can take care of whatever you need! Turn to our team for assistance with getting a generator installed or repaired. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you in West Milford!