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We’re happy to share our April 2021 Employee Spotlight, Jadynn Doty! Jadynn is one of our main techs that takes care of Spring AC Tune Ups, Start Ups and Maintenances. Let’s meet and learn a little bit more about Jadynn! What do you like best about working at Mark Lindsay?Getting more opportunities to better myself in the trades. How did you find out about Mark Lindsay and Son?Mark donated equipment to my school program, and [Read More...]

Anyone who has a well for their household water supply is familiar with how they work. There are three types of pressure tanks: Air-Over-Water, Diaphragm, and Bladder, each with their own pros and cons. We’ll look at how they work and how to tell when your well tank needs to be replaced. As a long-time New Jersey water well contractor, we service, install, maintain, and repair water well pressure tanks and can help you with [Read More...]

We’re happy to share our March 2021 Employee Spotlight! Let’s meet and learn a little bit more about Sara Hoffman! How long have you worked here at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating? I just hit my 6 months back in February! What is your role here?I am a Customer Service Representative. I take incoming calls from our customers. I also do a lot of outreach and follow-up with customers after our visits to their [Read More...]

(And it’s not your brother-in-law) It’s Wednesday night, you’ve got company coming this weekend, and you need something from the basement. Your oldest goes down to get the roast from the freezer for Saturday night, and when they come back upstairs, they tell you there’s a puddle next to the furnace. You go down to take a look and lo and behold, there’s a puddle! Great, you think, I had the furnace serviced last summer, [Read More...]

We all know that New Jersey can get cold in the winter which means high heating bills. Whether you’re in the city, suburbs, country, or down the shore, you want to keep your house warm, but hate how expensive it can be. You turn down the thermostat, wear warmer clothes, but the bills are still outrageous. You’re tired of it but aren’t sure what to do. Here are 5 easy ways to cut your heating [Read More...]