Mark Lindsay & Son is Proud to Sponsor MMA Fighter Joe Tizzano

Mark Lindsay and Son is Proud to Sponsor MMA Fighter Joe Tizzano

Fighter Joe Tizzano Entering the ring

At Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, we are now proud to sponsor an MMA fighter, our friend Joe Tizzano! Our plan is to support Joe as he works his way up the ranks to eventually become a UFC fighter!

Not sure what any of this means? Here’s what you need to know about MMA fighting and about Joe so you can join us as we support him.

What is MMA?

MMA, or mixed martial arts, is the type of fighting you see in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other bouts. It’s a no-holds barred contact sport where fighters can use ground fighting, grappling, striking, and other related techniques to subdue their opponent.

MMA is also referred to as cage fighting, since it takes place inside an octagonal ring surrounded by a metal cage. Fighters stay inside the cage during the match and cannot leave it.

MMA fighting does have rules. Fighters must adhere to the rules for their particular organization in order to win matches.

Who is Joe Tizzano?

Joe is our good friend and he aspires to one day fight in a UFC ring. Right now, he’s fighting with Cage Fury Fighting Championships.

Joe Tizzano fighting a cage fury match

He has had 5 professional fights, with a 4-1-0 record. When asked why he likes the sport, he said, “I just like to compete is all! To be honest I just like to test myself in the cage!”

Joe trains along UFC Hall of Famer Jim Miller, so he feels like he’s seen it all. After all, most of his opponents can’t throw anything at him that Miller hasn’t tried in the gym!

His career has been delayed somewhat by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made it hard to schedule fights, secure venues, and more. However, now that bans are lifting around the country, Joe hopes his fighting schedule will pick up again.

His most recent fight was January 29, 2022, where he beat another CFFC veteran, Taylor Pierce. He’s hoping this will be the first of several fights this year and that his career will take off the way he has dreamed about and worked for.

At Mark Lindsay and Son, we believe in Joe and we are here to support him all the way! Join us as we cheer on this aspiring fighter and impressive human being!

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