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Category: Plumbing

Your dishwasher is a big time (and water) saver. But as you may have found out through painful experience, it’s not indestructible. Here are nine things you should avoid putting in your dishwasher if you want to keep it running.

Fast forward about two weeks. It’s about an hour after Thanksgiving dinner, and in your tryptophan haze and rush to catch the end of the game, you do something you probably wouldn’t do any other day of the year: you pour the fat from your turkey or roast down the drain. Twenty-four hours later, you’re calling a plumber for emergency service because that grease has hardened in the artery of your plumbing pipes, trapping food [Read More...]

Did you know that most home plumbing leaks are found in the toilet tank? These leaks are usually caused by worn parts or improper alignment of the flushing mechanism – and they could be costing you hundreds of dollars in water usage over the course of a year. Detecting toilet leaks: Signs and Symptoms Toilet leaks typically occur in two ways – the most common of which is one caused by a worn out or [Read More...]

Natural gas is a great way to heat or power appliances in your New Jersey home. But a natural gas leak is a very serious safety issue for your and your family – and if the source of that leak is your gas piping, you need a professional plumber to repair or replace it as soon as possible (don’t worry – we can do it for you right away!).

The title of this week’s blog post is actually a trick question. Why? Because all plumbing jobs are best left to a professional plumber. A plumbing problem is a tricky thing – it can do damage slowly or quickly, can be easy or difficult to detect, and it can do a lot of costly damage to your home. When you hire a professional plumber, he does much more than simply fix leaky sinks and toilets [Read More...]