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Troubleshooting Your Boiler Woes: Expert Solutions and Quick Fixes

Boiler Troubleshooting Your boiler, which is vital for heating, can occasionally encounter issues despite regular maintenance. Problems like a complete breakdown, uneven heating, a pilot light that won’t stay on, or eerie noises reminiscent of a horror
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Our January 2023 Employee Spotlight

Meet Karen Emeric, our accounting expert at Mark Lindsay!  Karen Emeric is a friendly addition to the Mark Lindsay team, enriching the accounting department with her expertise over the last seven months. When she’s not expertly balancing the books,
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Replacing vs. Repairing Your Heating System: 5 Things to Consider

When your heater isn’t working right and you’re facing another repair, you’re facing a crucial decision: replace or repair your heating system? It’s a dilemma that requires careful consideration of various factors, from the age and
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Emergency Heating Repairs: What to Do When Your Heat Stops Working

As the New Jersey winter settles in, you need more than a warm house. You need a reliable heating system that works when it’s suppose to. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and realizing your home feels just as cold outside as it does inside
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No Heat? 5 Things to Check Yourself

No Heat? 5 Things to Check Yourself “The weather outside is frightful.” That’s when you’re glad you had your central heating system in New Jersey checked and serviced in the autumn. It’s a good feeling to know that it may be rainy, freezing,
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