What to Do When Chemical Drain Cleaners Doesn’t Work

What to Do When Chemical Drain Cleaners Doesn’t Work

Are you struggling with your plumbing and chemical drain cleaners are no longer working? It’s actually good news if you’re ready to give up the chemical cleaners. They may occasionally work in a pinch, but over time, they can make your clogs worse and cause corrosion in your plumbing.

Call the Mark Lindsay and Son team to handle all of your clogs and West Milford drain cleaning needs. We also put together our best tips for ditching the chemical drain cleaners and getting your plumbing back on track!

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Grab the Plunger

Plungers aren’t only designed for toilets. You can also use a clean one to work on your sinks. Ensure a tight, firm seal of your drain and plunge for five to ten minutes. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time. Even a little movement means you’re making progress and should keep at it or combine other methods. Persistence will pay off.

Snake It

Plumbing snakes can go a long way to break up clogs and get your plumbing back on track. Rent a plumbing snake from your local hardware store and look over the instructions carefully. You also need to make absolutely certain you’re using the right size snake for your drain or you could cause damage in your plumbing. After breaking down the clog, you can extract it carefully to avoid creating even more problems. If you’re at all uncomfortable with the process, call the team at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating for our powerful hydro jetting or drain cleaning services.

Raid Your Pantry

Your pantry could hold the answer to your plumbing clogs. Grab some baking soda and vinegar and mix up one cup of each. Pour it all down the drain and let it fizz and do its magic for around half an hour. Afterwards, flush out the drain with hot water to get rid of the clog. Lemon juice and hot water can also tackle minor clogs and freshen up your drains at the same time.

Boil Some Water

Sometimes the answer to sink and shower clogs is simple. Boil a pot of water and pour it down your drain to help dissolve and break down organic matter and grease build up. Boiling water also pairs well with DIY methods, like a flush after using baking soda and vinegar.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Prevention is key to avoiding major clogs and staying on top of drain problems. Consider implementing a regular maintenance routine for your drains. Flush boiling water down your drains, reach for baking soda and vinegar, or occassionally snake your drain. Your regular maintenance can also include regular drain cleaning from the team at Mark Lindsay to keep your plumbing in pristine condition.

Check the P-Trap

The P-trap, located beneath your sink, is designed to trap all of the debris and junk from going down your drain and into your plumbing. But just like anything else, your P-trap can also get clogged over time. Try detaching your P-trap and cleaning it out manually if you suspect a blockage or are noticing how slow your drains are. Make sure to grab a bucket and a few old towels to grab anything that comes out of the trap.

Hydro Jet Your Plumbing

For severe clogs or buildup deep within your pipes, turn to the professionals for hydro jetting services. Hydro jetting uses a powerful stream of water to blast through stubborn clogs and residue that’s clinging to your pipes. It can even break up tree roots growing deep in your pipes or sewer line to resolve larger plumbing problems.

Use Preventative Drain Guards

Drain guards are a simple, cost-effective way to prevent clogs. They catch food particles, debris, and hair before they have a chance to slide down your pipes and turn into a clog. Once your drain guards are in place, ensure they stay clean and fresh.

Get Professional Intervention

If all else fails, it’s time to call in the expert drain cleaners. Our experienced plumbers in West Milford, NJ are here to help. We have years of experiencing tackling problematic clogs that are causing chaos in your drains. If there’s anything more serious going on with your plumbing, we can also diagnose the problem and come up with a plan to fix it.

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