What Not To Put Down The Drain

What Not To Put Down The Drain

Are you struggling with persistent, clogged drains? It could all tie back to what you’re putting down your drain. From food scraps to foreign objects, there are all kinds of things you shouldn’t put down your drain. Ideally you only want the bare necessities to go down your drain and filter out the rest. Here’s a look at what our West Milford, NJ plumbers and Hewitt, NJ plumbing team say should absolutely never go down your drain.

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What Not To Put Down Your Drain

  • Any Type of Oil or Grease
  • Broken Eggshells
  • Medication
  • Chemicals
  • Pasta, Rice, and Kitty Litter
  • Stray Coffee Grounds
  • Scraps of Paper Towels
  • Hair
  • Feminine Products
  • Foreign Objects

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1) Any Type of Oil or Grease

It seems like no big deal to pour liquid grease and oil down the drain, but it could lead to burst pipes over time. Grease hardens when it cools and quickly sticks to your pipes, wreaking havoc on your plumbing system.

2) Broken Eggshells

Have you ever looked carefully inside your egg shells and noticed a membrane? When you throw them down your sink, these seemingly innocent substances can get caught in your kitchen plumbing and wrap around anything in the sewer line. Before long, you’ll have a sticky clog to deal with.

3) Medication

It’s easy to throw out old medicine in your sink or toilet, but they can contaminate your water. If they don’t dissolve all the way, they dan make it difficult to break down and process sewage and could eventually end up in the water supply and harm plants and animals.

4) Chemicals

Like medications, chemicals also cause issue and can also lead to corrosion in your pipes. Even basic household cleaners that you wouldn’t think of as corrosive can damage your pipes over time.

5) Pasta, Rice, and Kitty Litter

Pasta, rice, and kitty litter all expand when they get wet, making them a nuisance to your pipes. Don’t throw them down the sink or you could end up with a sticky, messy clog or sewer problem.

6) Stray Coffee Grounds

It’s tempting to scoop up stray coffee grounds in your hand and toss them into the sink, but they can clump and create a huge clog. Over time, they mix with other substances in your pipes and can pose a threat to your sewage system.

7) Scraps of Paper Towels

Never throw any paper products into the toilet except toilet paper. They’re too heavy to flush properly and can quickly clog your sewer line or anchor themselves in your system.

8) Hair

It’s inevitable a little hair is going to go down your shower and bath drains, but you can prevent most of it from slipping past. Investing in some cheap drain guards will keep most hair from getting into your drains. Once hair ends up in your drain, it can tangle with other objects and substances to create stubborn clogs.

9) Feminine Products

Feminine products should never go down your toilet. They quickly clog your pipes, can plug up your sewers, or get caught on tree roots that are infiltrating your sewer line. Keep small, disposable bags next to your toilet to ensure everyone can quickly and easily dispose of any feminine products.

10) Foreign Objects

It may sound like common sense not to flush foreign objects, but it happens all the time. Small toys, scraps of paper, disposable contact lenses and anything that belongs in the garbage should never go into your toilet or down your drains.

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