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Category: Air Conditioning

Most people take their A/C for granted – until it breaks down, usually on that classic hot, sticky New Jersey night when it’s working hardest (and when you need it most). Fortunately, you can avoid that sweaty scene and keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long by scheduling your annual air conditioning maintenance today. Reliability isn’t the only thing you’ll get by giving your A/C a little TLC – you’ll also get: Lower [Read More...]

Summer is fast approaching, and soon it will be time for daily and nightly A/C use in your New Jersey home. But there may come a day when your central air conditioner is not up to the task – and when that day comes, it’s best to nip whatever problem your system is having in the bud so it doesn’t turn into an unnecessarily costly repair down the road. Here are four signs it’s time [Read More...]

Whole house dehumidifiers can keep your home air comfortable all year long – but some of their most important benefits are delivered during the muggy days of summer. Working together with your home cooling system, a dehumidifier removes moisture from your indoor air, which gives you: Better health – High humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms; with properly humidified air, you avoid these problems. Removing moisture from [Read More...]

Spring’s here – which means hot sticky New Jersey days and nights aren’t far behind. The question is, will your air conditioner be able to answer the bell when the time comes to keep your family cool and comfortable? If you skip your annual maintenance, it might not be. Routine maintenance is a must for any home heating and cooling (“HVAC”) system. Not only will maintenance help keep your equipment running at its best, but [Read More...]

You probably know that you have a replaceable air filter installed in your air conditioning (and heating) system. And you’ve likely heard that you should replace it, from time to time.