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6 Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

6 Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer Summer’s here! Cookouts, going to the shore, road trips, heat, and humidity! Wait, what? Yup, it’s time for heat and humidity. Around our New Jersey area, hot and humid weather is a part of summer just like water, ice,
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Why Is My AC Short-Cycling?

Why Is My AC Short-Cycling? Everything is going fine, and then you notice your West Milford air conditioning is going on and off more frequently. You had it serviced before the season started and you thought everything was okay. Now it’s not working
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5 Reasons to Replace Your AC Unit

5 Reasons to Replace Your AC Unit If your current HVAC system is working fine, why would you want to replace it? Good question. You may feel it’s functioning well, but there could be issues you haven’t considered. If you’ve been having trouble with it
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3 Reasons to Change Your AC’s Air Filter Each Month

You probably know that you have a replaceable air filter installed in your air conditioning (and heating) system. And you’ve likely heard that you should replace it, from time to time.
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Is It Time to Replace Your Central AC?

Your air conditioner is just not working the way it used to. We know that you would prefer a small repair over replacing your entire AC system. But there are some times in which replacing the air conditioner is actually the more cost-effective
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