10 Reasons You May Want to Replace Your AC Unit

10 Reasons You May Want to Replace Your AC Unit

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If your current HVAC system is working fine, why would you want to replace it?

Good question.

Then again, even if you may feel it’s functioning well there could be issues you haven’t considered.

Have your cooling bills been growing, seemingly exponentially? Has your system been breaking down more frequently? Has cooling been uneven or lacking? Does your home feel humid? Are mold and mildew frequent guests? Is your house dustier than usual? Does your system struggle to keep your house cool? Then it may be time to replace your HVAC system.

Keep reading to learn about some reasons you may need to replace your AC system or simply give the West Milford HVAC experts a call if you’d like to learn more!

1) Your HVAC System is Old

As much as we’d like it, air conditioners don’t last forever. Most have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. That’s if your system has received regular AC maintenance. Lack of regular maintenance is the best way to prematurely age your system. You have to make sure your air filters are changed regularly, the system is kept charged and your ductwork isn’t leaking, among other regular maintenance items. If your system is old and not running as efficiently as possible, it’s going to add to your monthly utility bill.

Investing in a new A/C system could pay for itself in about 2-3 years because of greater efficiency. If you do decide to replace your AC system, have your installation tech check your ductwork for any leaks. Sealing up leaking ducts can prevent a 20-30 percent energy loss due to leakage.

2) Cost Savings

A new HVAC system can save you money. A new, modern, Energy Star-rated system can operate up to 20 percent more efficiently than an older system. This will save you money and help the environment. With a new system, this means less wear and tear on your system, which translates into lower maintenance and repair costs. You’ll also see a reduction in your monthly bills. And given how things are these days, saving money is a big priority.

3) Better Air Quality

An older system may not be keeping your indoor air quality at its best. Even if you replace the filters, older systems may not filter out pollutants as effectively as a new system. Since homes today are built to be airtight for energy efficiency, your indoor air doesn’t get freshened as it did with older, less airtight homes. This can lead to allergies, sore throats, chemical build up in the air, and other problems.

A new system can be installed with high efficiency air filters, air purifiers, and whole-house humidifiers, all of which help to keep your indoor air clean and your family healthy. It also helps keep your house cleaner by reducing the dust in the air.

4) A Programmable Thermostat

Your new system will include a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to control how your system operates all day long. You can program it to reduce cooling when no one is home, such as when you’re out running errands, people are at work, away on vacation, etc.

You can also adjust it for when you go to bed at night. If you have pets, you can adjust it to keep them comfortable when you’re not home. By adjusting the operation of your system, you can keep your house cool, save money and wear and tear on your system.

5) System Integration

New technologies make modern HVAC systems easier to control and energy efficient. Smart technology allows you to program your thermostat to fit you and your family’s schedule. You can include a programmable thermostat that you can set in your home or control with an app on your smartphone. You can reduce your energy usage and still keep your home comfortable, especially if you have any pets at home while you’re away for the day. With periodic software updates, your system will stay up-to-date and your control options will be easy to set and change as needed.

6) Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

One item that most buyers look at when considering purchasing a home is the age of the HVAC system. The future replacement and maintenance costs, as well as the cost of running an older system can deter a possible buyer. The newer the system is, the more likely they will consider purchasing a property. Having a newer HVAC system which will be easy to deal with and relatively inexpensive to maintain is always a strong selling point.

7) Even Cooling Throughout Your House

Has your family been complaining that certain rooms aren’t as cool as others? Do you have to raise the A/C at night because your bedroom is too warm? These could be symptoms of a failing HVAC system. As a system ages, keeping it properly calibrated can become a problem. This can lead to the issues mentioned. By replacing your HVAC system, it’ll be easy to keep calibrated. When replacing your system, also check for leaking or clogged ducts, and check to see that your home’s insulation is adequate. These can also cause uneven cooling in your home.

8) Not Having to Sweat an AC Failure

There’s nothing worse than an A/C unit failing in the middle of a heat wave, and not being able to get anyone to come out because they’re so busy trying to keep up with all the emergency A/C calls. A new A/C system will prevent this from happening. Aside from the reduced energy bills, more uniform cooling throughout your house, cleaner indoor air, and the quiet operation of a newer unit, not having to worry about losing your A/C during the latest heatwave is real peace of mind. And if it fails while you’re away from home at the shore or vacation, then you’ve really got a problem.

9) Keep Things Dry

A new HVAC system can keep the humidity in your home from causing damage. Excess humidity can cause a whole host of problems. You may have areas of mold and mildew that just won’t go away no matter what you do. Excess humidity can cause problems with your home’s structure. Excess humidity can cause wood to rot, leading to expensive structural repairs. Along with leaky ductwork and uneven cooling, humidity can be a real problem. Then, of course, you may have problems with excessive dryness, which can lead to another set of issues.

10) Not Needing to Yell

Older HVAC systems can be noisy. This can lead to having to raise your voice unnecessarily. You may also need to raise the volume on your TV or audio systems just to hear them clearly. Newer HVAC systems are quiet and won’t drown out your conversations. Your next party or family get-together won’t have to be a scream-fest since you won’t have to compete with an excessively loud HVAC system.

Bonus Reason: Doing Your Part

By replacing your HVAC system with a new, more efficient system, you’re helping the planet. Since your system uses less energy, there’s less demand, which results in lower pollution. Reducing your carbon footprint helps everyone.

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