3 Projects to Do Around the Home before It’s Too Cold

3 Projects to Do Around the Home before It’s Too Cold

Fall maintenance is important for homes in any climate, but particularly in places where residents are no strangers to extreme cold. There are some tasks you simply do not want to do when it’s too cold out. Other tasks must be taken care of early in the winter or in the fall, before it’s too late. Here are three examples of projects we think should take priority this fall.

Winterize Outdoor Faucets

That means that you’ll need to first detach and drain any outside hoses. Do your best to get every last drop out of the hose by holding it up in sections and allowing water to drip out. Then coil it up and store it away.

Then, shut off the water to the outdoors using the valve that controls the outdoor faucets. Open up the outdoor faucets and allow water to drip out completely. This keeps them from freezing so that you don’t have to worry about a broken faucet in the spring.

Change Water Filters

The water filters are often located in a basement, or somewhere similar you really don’t want to be when it’s cold outside. Water filters typically need changing every three months or so. Take care of this before it gets too cold, for your comfort and to ensure water can continue to flow and drip through faucets when you need it. A clogged filter can slow water pressure, which may contribute to the pipes freezing.

Schedule a Heating System Tune-Up

Finally, it’s important to schedule a heating system tune-up as early as possible. We typically recommend this earlier in the fall, but it’s not too late to ensure that your heater is safe and efficient. A professional heating technician can tune your heater for better performance and run an inspection to check for carbon monoxide leaks and other issues.

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