No Water? You Might Need a New Well Pump

No Water? You Might Need a New Well Pump

When you don’t have any water coming into your home, you cannot wait to solve the problem. There are some things you can check on first, but most likely, you’ll need a plumber to resolve the problem.

In case you need a new well pump, call your local contractor ASAP so that there is time to plan the replacement. While we hope this isn’t the case, you should keep in mind that a well pump only lasts about 10 years, and this is something you should be prepared for.

What May Be Stopping Your Water

There are a few possibilities for what may have caused the water flow to stop, so do not jump to conclusions too soon.

  • Trouble with the well supply.
  • Electrical problems.
  • Clogged water pipes or sediment.
  • Leaking or broken water pipes.

For most of these issues, you will need a plumber for a thorough diagnosis and resolution.

What to Check First

Before you call a plumber, however, there are some things you can check. The main thing is your electrical system. The circuit breaker for your water pump should be set to on. If not, try resetting it (although a pump that frequently trips the breaker is also problematic).

Then, you should check the pressure tank. If pressure is high enough, the problem is probably with a water pipe within your house. If you’ve got no pressure (or very little) then there is a problem with the tank, pressure switch, or well pump.

Common Well Pump Issues

Remember, the problem could be within the pressure tank, or you may only need a pressure switch replacement. However, you may need a new well pump. Here are some of the reasons your well pump may fail.

  • Improper sizing – When a well pump is improperly sized, it can wear out quickly (and will likely make your bills a lot higher, too). If you need well pump replacement, only allow a qualified plumber to do the work
  • Sediment wear – If you have hard water, a common problem in our area, it could wear down on a well pump very quickly. Ask your plumber about any potential preventative solutions.
  • Old age – Finally, your well pump may wear down for no other reason than standard wear and tear. Replace your well pump for more efficient, reliable water.

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