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Our September 2023 Employee Spotlight

Meet Jason! Jason has been a valued member of the Mark Lindsay and Son family for 11 months. He brings his expertise to our installation team, ensuring top-notch quality. He’s the go-to for flawless installs! His ultimate food choice? Undoubtedly steak!
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Our August 2023 Employee Spotlight

Meet Jeremiah: The Jack-of-All-Trades with a Flair for Buffalo Wings! With a mere 8 months under his belt, Jeremiah has quickly become the go-to guy for everything and anything, proving that versatility and a dash of humor make for an unbeatable combination.
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Our July 2023 Employee Spotlight

Meet Kenneth! While he’s only been with Mark Lindsay for about 2 months, Kenneth definitely knows his way around pipes like no other. And when not fixing things, he’s busy savoring his all-time favorite meal—chicken cutlets An adventurer at heart,
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Our June 2023 Employee Spotlight

Meet Thomas! Thomas is the King of Drain Techs! He has been in the drain and plumbing industry for almost 20 years and it’s no surprise to us why he is considered the best of the best in his field. Snaking, camera inspections, jetting and drain fixtures
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Our May 2023 Employee Spotlight

Meet Rob! Meet Rob Chavez – our plumbing technician with a passion for pizza and perfect lawns! He’s been with Mark Lindsay for a year and is proud to be part of a well-organized and efficient team. Believe it or not, Rob almost became a police
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