Our February 2024 Employee Spotlight

David Shapllo’s Inspiring Mark Lindsay & Son Journey!

David Shapllo Employee Spotlight for FEB

David Shapllo’s journey at Mark Lindsay & Son is one of remarkable growth and dedication. Starting as a dispatcher, he has transitioned into the role of Operations Manager after 4.5 years where his leadership shines!

David fully embraced the “Modern Family” vibe at Mark Lindsay & Son, building strong bonds and a sense of purpose among the team. His advice to job seekers reflects his own path: tackle opportunities with humility and hard work. That hards work is always acknowledged and growth is within reach.

Outside work, David’s adventurous spirit shines through his aspirations, from skydiving dreams to impacting underprivileged children’s lives. And in his downtime, he cherishes family moments and loves chicken cutlets!  If his life were ever turned into a movie, he’d want Jason Statham to take the lead, leaving a lasting impression with his favorite movie line, “People don’t forget” from Superbad.

David’s time at Mark Lindsay & Son represents growth and promise, making a lasting impact on everyone he meets.We deeply appreciate his dedication and contributions to our team.

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