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Indoor Air Quality Suffers in an Efficient Home

Keeping a home as airtight as possible is important if you want to save money throughout the year on heating and air conditioning. Small leaks around the home, such as those around windows and doors, are a big deal as far as efficiency is concerned.
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4 Fall Projects that Make Your Home Safer for Winter

4 Fall Projects that Make Your Home Safer for Winter When temperatures drop, your heating system has a tough job. It has to run around the clock to keep you warm, which can cause a lot of problems within a heater. And, unfortunately, the colder it is
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It’s Cooling Off: Learn to Set Your Thermostat Correctly

Here at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc, our biggest goal is to see that everyone we help is comfortable. But we also want to help homeowners save money and get the most out of their heating
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No Heat? 5 Things to Check Yourself

No Heat? 5 Things to Check Yourself “The weather outside is frightful.” That’s when you’re glad you had your central heating system checked and serviced in the autumn. It’s a good feeling to know that it may be rainy, freezing, blizzardy, windy
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