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What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Have you ever flipped the switch next to the sink as water filled the basin, only to find that the disposal unit would not turn on—or that the clog simply wouldn’t go away? This can be a frequently recurring plumbing issue, and it’s one that can be very frustrating. But taking the right preventative measures may help.

Here are some items you should keep out of your garbage disposal and kitchen sink whenever possible.

  • Fats and grease. Fats, oils, and grease are known as FOG in the plumbing world, and they can be extremely harmful to your plumbing system. When you’re cooking, they might be liquid. But when FOG cools down, it can solidify. Imagine this happening in your drainpipe, when the residue can stick to the lining of the piping and allow for clogs to pile up fast. Pour these into a separate container instead.
  • Hard food items. Hopefully, you’re not trying to fit large meat bones in the garbage disposal. But even very small hard food items are always a bad idea—like seeds and kernels. Anything you couldn’t chew with your teeth cannot be processed by the disposal, which uses a strong impeller to break up food rather than a sharp blade like you may imagine.
  • Fibrous foods. Anything stringy, like asparagus or celery, could potentially wrap around the impeller and stop the motor, damaging the disposal or potentially breaking it for good.
  • Pasta and rice. These might not cause trouble for the garbage disposal, but they can do a number on your drainage. If you have a lot of pasta and rice in the drains at once, it can expand with water and create backup into your fixtures! We strongly recommend throwing rice and pasta into the trash.

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