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Maintaining Vs. Upgrading Your AC

When Summer comes to mind, people picture many different things. For some, it means the beach and seasoned patties sizzling on an open grill. Those are great. But for me it also means another season of Game of Thrones ending (and another long year of waiting) and the fear that my AC is going to kneel over and die. No one likes coming home after a long day of work and feeling like they should consider renting their home out as a sauna.

Why is it getting so costly to maintain older AC units? The answer lies in two forms of refrigerant that sound like something you’d name robots in Star Wars: R22 and R410a.

R22 conforms to older AC units, but they are inching towards dinosaur territory. The costs of refilling in case of a leak or maintaining are rising (and will keep rising) due to being phased out. R22 is less efficient, more costly and more harmful to the environment. As of 2010, no new AC models support this form of refrigerant.

R410a is the new standard for energy efficient AC units. These are labeled with an energy/cost rating known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (or SEER, for short). The lowest models rank at a SEER 13, and the higher the rating, the more money you will save on your energy bill.

So at this point you may be thinking, “that’s all well and great, but I don’t have the money to replace my AC unit.” There are alternatives. Mark Lindsay and Son offers Service Agreements to check, repair and maintain your HVAC regularly, so the cost over time scales down versus surprise, need-this-to-happen now, emergency repairs. And you can even get reasonable financing and talk with our specialized contractors to see if replacing your system will save you more money in the long run.

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