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Four Signs Your A/C Needs Service

Summer is fast approaching, and soon it will be time for daily and nightly A/C use in your New Jersey home.

But there may come a day when your central air conditioner is not up to the task – and when that day comes, it’s best to nip whatever problem your system is having in the bud so it doesn’t turn into an unnecessarily costly repair down the road.

Here are four signs it’s time to get professional central air conditioning service in your NJ home:

  1. Your system is producing limited airflow – When you hold your hand up to the vent, you should feel a substantial flow of air coming from it; if you don’t, you’ll need service.
  2. Your A/C is cycling frequently – If your home cooling system cycles (turns on and off) quickly and often, it could be a mechanical problem in your system. It could also mean that your system is too large for your home – a problem that can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner and higher than necessary energy bills for you. Either way, you’ll need to call in a pro.
  3. Your A/C isn’t cooling the house – If your air conditioner is constantly running but the house isn’t cooling, there are many potential causes – so many, in fact, that doing the detective work to find the right one can be a challenge.  An HVAC pro will know how to narrow down the causes and get the repair done quickly and correctly the first time.
  4. Your bills are noticeably higher – If you notice your bills creeping up year after year – or month after month – despite using your cooling system a similar amount of time, your air conditioner could be overworking to cool the house. Professional service will help you spot the cause of the overwork and help keep your bills more manageable.

Repairing an air conditioning system is NEVER a DIY job – Once you’ve done a little troubleshooting, be sure to contact our A/C specialists to find the best way to get your home cooling system back up and running right.

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