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Toilet Installation West Milford, NJ

When it’s time for a new toilet in West Milford, NJ, you need someone who can get to your home quickly, figure out what needs to be done, order the parts or arrange for their delivery, and get them installed. That’s what we’re here for – to help you select a new toilet that meets your needs, get it installed for you, and to aid you with all your bathroom remodel needs.


Signs You Need A New Toilet

If your toilet isn’t working anymore, it’s a good sign it should be repaired, but how do you know when your toilet should be replaced? Here are some things to look for as you’re making a decision about installing a new toilet:

  • Your toilet is leaking. If there’s water on the floor around your toilet, its internal seal is likely leaking. To fix that, we have to remove the toilet from the floor, repair the seal, and put the toilet back down. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new toilet and we have to take the old out one anyway, this is the perfect time!
  • Your toilet is cracked. Can you see cracks in the porcelain of your toilet’s bowl or tank? If so, leaks are probably on the horizon. Instead of stressing about the inevitable, or dealing with potential water damage, call us! We’ll let you know how dangerous your crack is likely to be, and if you need to replace the toilet, we’ll help you through the entire process.
  • Your toilet is old. Old toilets simply don’t work as well as newer models, and they don’t save water or money. Eventually, your old toilet is going to fail. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading anyway or you’d like to figure out if replacing your toilet would be cheaper than continuing to repair it, give us a call. We’ll let you know what we’d do if the toilet was in one of our homes, then we’ll help you make your choice!

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Choosing A New Toilet
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Almost all toilets have a similar tank capacity. When choosing a tank, you’ll have flush valve size and flush lever positioning to consider, as well as the flushing system.

The flush valve, which is located at the center of the tank, is activated by the flush lever and releases the water held in the tank. The larger the flush valve, the higher the rate of water flow. Flush levers are positioned either on the side, front or top of the tank.

The pressure-assisted and gravity-flush systems are the two standard flushing systems available.

Pressure-Assisted Flush System: Pressurized air forces water into the bowl when flushed, reducing the chance for clogs. This system is noisy, expensive and may require costly maintenance.

Gravity-Flush System: The most common and simplest system, it uses the water weight to generate flushing pressure. The pressure forces everything from the tank into the bowl and through the S-shaped trapway. A siphoning action completes the flush. This flushing system is quieter and requires less maintenance than a pressure-assisted flushing system.

Dual Flush: This is a relatively new system for saving water without sacrificing efficiency. There are two flushing options for a full or partial flush (ex. 1.6 gallon flush and 1.1 gallons per flush).

Waterless Toilets: Where water or plumbing is not available or when portability is required, a self-contained waterless unit is an option.

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