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Choosing the right bathroom fixtures is an important part of your bathroom remodel in West Milford, NJ. With so many different options and so many things to consider, including materials, finishes, costs and more, the decision isn’t always easy. Rather than stress about the process, reach out to the bathroom remodeling experts at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating!

When remodeling your bathroom, the final touches that bring the entire aesthetic together are the fixtures. Let us help you make sure that everything matches and is sleek and stylish. Our staff of plumbers can install anything you want, so call us today and let us know what you are envisioning!

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Bathroom Faucets
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In any bathroom overhaul, the faucets are the crown jewels. Available in a spectacular array of shapes and finishes, even modestly priced faucets present worlds of possibility. Add in the options for interactivity and water conservation, and today’s bathroom faucets offer homeowners every convenience.

If the choices give you sensory overload, try these decision-making tips:

  • Coordinate all your finishes in each bathroom so that your hard surfaces—including towel bars, lighting fixtures and door hardware—have the same finish
  • Polished finishes are elegant but require constant upkeep to keep them looking sparkly
  • Brushed finishes are better at hiding water spots and fingerprints, which is great if you have kids

Bathroom Sinks
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With so many options — single bowls to multiple bowls of different sizes, shapes and depths — you need to consider the size of the room and how you’ll use the sink. Here are some things to consider when choosing a new bathroom sink style:

A good choice for powder rooms and guest baths where storage is less important and space is limited. Their sleek, sophisticated lines can visually enlarge a room, while also enhancing its appearance. Pedestal sinks come in a variety of styles and shapes.

Wall mount sinks feature a basin that it hung from the wall at a location and height that you choose. Lately, these sinks have seen a rapid gain in popularity. In part because there are so many attractive and innovative designs available, but also because they’re ideal for universal access applications.

Clean, modern, distinctive. That’s the beauty of undercounter sinks. They free up usable counter space, and since there is no rim to catch debris, they’re also the easiest type of sink to keep clean.

Above Counter/Vessel
Versatile and stylish, above-counter sinks rise above the countertop, console or cabinet to create a dramatic focal point. They are best suited for master baths and powder rooms, especially in contemporary, cosmopolitan homes. Keep in mind that since these sinks sit above the countertop, the countertop should be lower than normal to allow easy access to the sink. Also consider what type of faucet to use with a vessel sink. Tall vessel faucets work well along with wall mounted faucets.

These sinks, also called drop-ins and self-rimming, fit into a variety of countertops. And thanks to their self-rimming nature, they’re the simplest type to install. Countertop sinks are the style most commonly found in high-traffic family bathrooms.

Integral Countertop
These sinks combine a countertop and sink together. Their one piece, seamless design allows for a clean, sleek look. Since there are no crevices they are also one of the easiest styles to keep clean.

Bathtub Installation
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If you’re remodeling and looking to add a new bathtub to your bathroom, find out what options are available for bathtub types, installation options, and materials to find the perfect tub for your bath and budget.

Finding the Right Bathtub for You

Some bathtubs are all function, while others focus on indulgence. Let the primary use dictate your selection as you determine what works best for your household before you begin your bathtub installation in West Milford.

Standard: This affordable, jack-of-all-trades built-in basic is often found in an alcove installation and doubles as a tub-shower combo; it can be purchased at your local home improvement center.

Whirlpool & Air Tubs: Think of it as an on-demand therapeutic massage in your home. A whirlpool forces water through strategically placed jets, and an air tub pushes a soothing, steady stream of air into the water. With the extra plumbing required, whirlpools tend to be more expensive than air tubs. Visit a showroom or chat with your designer to determine which option best fits your preference and space.

Soaking: Extra-deep dimensions allow the bather’s body to be completely submerged. It can be either built-in or freestanding.
Walk In: Climbing in and out of a slippery tub can be dangerous, but a walk-in tub is great for those with mobility concerns.

Bathtub-Shower Combinations
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Need a bathtub and a shower but don’t have the room for separate pieces in your bathroom? A space-saving combination tub-shower is a smart choice. These two-in-one units make the most of limited space by providing all the benefits of both a shower and a bathtub in a compact footprint, which can be particularly useful in a child’s or guest bathroom. When you don’t have room or funds for a separate tub and shower, a combo model is also a wise choice for boosting your home’s resale value because it serves homeowners who prefer either option.


Prefabricated Tub-Shower Combos
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Tub and shower combos are available as prefabricated kits or can be installed as a custom design. Typically made from fiberglass or acrylic, prefab units are available from very basic and affordable models to pricey versions that include tile-look walls, modern colors, and shelves.

Although the design options are limited with prefab units, you can personalize the unit with the fixtures you choose. Regardless of the type of faucet you choose, if you let Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating tackle the installation, you’ll get a 99 year warranty!A glass shower door can also give the illusion of more space than a curtain. A sliding door is installed on a track along the edge of the bathtub.

Shower Fixtures & Accessories
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Our plumbers can show you our extensive inventory of shower accessories so you can design and customize a bathroom that is perfect for your needs. We have a variety of shower fixtures and bathtub faucets to choose from, in styles including chrome, nickel, bronze, matte, and gold, so no matter what your vision is, we are sure to have something that matches. There are also options for regular, handheld, or rain showerheads, and speaker accessories as well.

West Milford Bathroom Fixture Pros
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Let the experts at Mark Lindsay & Son Plumbing & Heating help explain all the details and customize a bathroom remodeling solution in West Milford that’s right for you. Give us a call today!

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