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One-Day Bathroom Remodel West Milford, NJ

Is it time for a bathroom renovation in West Milford, NJ or the surrounding areas? At Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, we can help with all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Our one-day bathroom remodeling in West Milford can help you achieve the look and feel that you’re going for in your bathroom without having to invest a huge about of time and money in the project.

Yes, you heard that right; we can remodel your bathroom in just a single day! Using innovative products and methods, our one-day bathroom remodels can help you change the entire feel of your bathroom in just a single day. We’ll guide you through the process of one-day bathroom remodeling in West Milford or the surrounding areas so you can end up with the bathroom of your dreams.

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One-Day Bath Options
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Interested in a one-day bathroom remodel? Here are some of the updates you can do if you choose this upgrade model.

  • Bath replacement. We’ll get you a new, updated bathtub and tile, using the plumbing that already exists. We’ll make sure it fits in your existing space so you don’t have to move everything else around.
  • Shower replacement. Do you dream about a different shower, maybe one with a luxurious rain-like showerhead like you’ve seen in the spa? We’ll get you a whole new shower.
  • Barrier-free showers. These showers are open all the way to the floor, so there’s no stepping over a high barrier to enter the shower space. They allow easier access and they look bigger, too.
  • Wall surrounds. Like your shower but want a different look? We can change your tile or put in an acrylic surround for you.
  • Step-through inserts. Want to make access to your tub easier? We’ll put in a step-through insert so there’s little to no barrier that you have to go over.
  • Walk-in tubs. These offer the ultimate in accessibility and comfort. If you want a tub that’s easy to get into and where you can sit down once you’re there, we’ll put one in for you.

Do you want to do a different type of bathroom renovation and you’re wondering if our one-day model would work for you? Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions. We’ll find the solution that works for you!


One-Day Bath Remodel Benefits
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Not sure if a one-day bath solution is right for you? Here are a few benefits they offer: a bathtub remodeled in one day in northern new jersey

  • Save money. These solutions are almost always less expensive than extensive bath remodeling or other, longer options.
  • We use your existing plumbing. We won’t have to tear out drywall or entire walls to get your plumbing where it needs to be, because we’ll use what you already have as we upgrade your home.
  • Stress-free. Stop worrying about how long your bath remodeling project will take and start dreaming of using it…tonight! Getting it done in one day means a lot less stress for you.
  • Easy to clean. Everything we install is coated and covered to make it easier for you to clean. It’s also built out of mold-resistant materials, so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew buildup.
  • Handicap accessible. Many of our one-day bath solutions make your bathroom easier to access for wheelchairs, walkers, and more. We’ll make sure that everyone who needs to be able to use your bathroom can.
  • Lifetime warranty. If you ever have problems with anything we’ve installed in a one-day bath solution, we’ll come out and fix it for you fast.

Speed up your bathroom remodel with one of our one-day bath solutions. Call us today to talk about your options or to schedule your bathroom renovation project. We’ll send out an expert to look things over and come up with a plan from there!


Choose Our Acrylic Product
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When we do bathroom remodeling in West Milford, we use the very best proprietary acrylic materials possible. The benefits of these include:

  • A lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong with your bathroom renovation in West Milford, you’re completely covered.
  • Lots of options. The largest available selection of patterns and colors, including 7 unique tile patterns for your one-day bathtub remodeling or for your shower.
  • High quality. The very best high-density acrylic on the market. It is more resistant to chemicals, impact, and scratches than other products.
  • A 3-seal system that guarantees everything will stay where you want it. This system has low odor, is antibacterial, offers corner reinforcement, and matches the colors you’ve chosen for your one day shower remodeling or for your bathtub.
  • Dimond Fusion glass protection option. This seals off your glass yet remains optically clear. With this coating, your shower or tub will be nearly maintenance-free!


Avoid 1-Piece Systems
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We do all of our one-day bathroom remodeling in West Milford with the finest products. Avoid products that come in one piece, because they have several major flaws, including:

  • They are bent prior to installation. This only allows for 90-degree corners in your one-day bathtub remodeling or shower remodeling.
  • No room for movement. Because the system is made from a single piece of acrylic, it doesn’t leave room for your walls to expand and contract, which they do normally.
  • Reduced quality. One-day shower remodeling or bathtub remodeling with a single piece of acrylic means that the acrylic is thinner than what we use. It can scratch or break easier than you might think!


One Day Bath Remodel Experts in West Milford
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If you would like to learn more about how to get the bathroom of your dreams in a single day, call us at Mark Lindsay & Son today! We’ll send out a bathroom remodeling expert to look at your home, assess your needs, and help you choose the products that are right for you. Then we’ll schedule your remodel for a time that is great for you and your family.

Stop waiting around and update your bathroom today! It’s simple and easy and you can end up with a bathroom you love, rather than one you just tolerate. Call the team at Mark Lindsay & Son now!

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