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There are a lot of different problems that one may encounter with his or her plumbing system. When you have that many pipes moving that much water and waste into and out of a home, issues are bound to develop from time to time. That being said, though, few such issues are quite as problematic or alarming as a slab leak.

Slab leaks, as you’ll learn more about below, present some challenges in both detection and repair that other leaks do not. Fear not, though. The professional plumbers are properly trained and equipped to handle your slab leak detection and repair services in West Milford and Northern New Jersey properly. With our plumbers on the case, you can count on the job being completed correctly and in a timely manner.


What Is A Slab Leak?

slableak detect newfoundland nj A slab leak is a leak in one of the water lines that runs through or beneath the foundation of your home. Because of this, a slab leak is not only very difficult for homeowners to detect, but also for unqualified individuals to pinpoint, access, and repair. Of course, you should never trust such an individual with that particular responsibility anyway.

Slab leaks can do a substantial amount of damage in a relatively short amount of time, so it really is important that they are resolved as soon as possible. That is why slab leak detection is so important. Before you can contact us to pinpoint the source of the slab leak, though, you must first recognize that there is one to begin with.

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Tips for Initial Slab Leak Detection
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Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to access a slab leak on your own, regardless of how handy you may be. What you can do, though, is learn to spot the warning signs that you have a potential slab leak in your home. That way, you can alert us to the issue early on, and we can complete your slab leak repairs promptly.

So how can you tell if you have a slab leak? There are actually many indicators of which you should be made aware. These include:

  • Hearing running water, even when you are not using any anywhere in the house.
  • A warm spot on your floor, if the leak is in a hot water line.
  • Cracks developing on your floors or walls.
  • Mildew odors or wet spots on carpeting.
  • An inexplicable spike in your water bill.

We’ll Get Your Slab Leak Repair Done Right
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It is vital that a professional plumber is called in to handle your slab leak repair if you have any reason to believe such a service necessary. You don’t want an unqualified individual going into the job blind, and damaging your foundation unnecessarily in order to find the source of the leak.

We have equipment, such as electronic amplifying systems, that will help us to find the leak before we go into the foundation. That way, there is minimal disruption to your home. Once we’ve accessed the leak, we’ll weigh your various repair options, such as:

  • Spot repair of the leaking pipe.
  • Rerouting the pipe by replacing the leaking line entirely.
  • Epoxy coating the pipe in order to seal up leaks.

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