Drain & Sewer Services in West Milford, NJ

You know how much you depend upon your plumbing system each and every day. When you wash your dishes and laundry, shower, brush your teeth, and use your toilet, you are depending upon your plumbing system in order to distribute water throughout your home in an effective and reliable manner. Once you’re done with the water that you’ve used, though, it must be removed from your home consistently and hygienically.

That is where your drain and sewer system comes into play. When you flush your toilet and drain your sinks and bathtub, your drain and sewer system whisks that water away from your home and to the municipal waste system. That is why you need outstanding drain and sewer services in Northern New Jersey. Just give Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc a call to get drain and sewer services of the highest quality.

What Drain and Sewer Services Do We Offer?

When you need drain and sewer services on your property, you don’t want to waste your time calling around and seeking a particular service out. You want to dial just one number and know that the plumbers on the other end offer comprehensive drain services of all types. Again, we fit the bill. Our drain and services in the greater Northern New Jersey area include:

Do You Need a Drain or Sewer Line Installed or Replaced?

Do you know precisely what diameter of a sewer line will serve your home best? Are you capable of determining if a sewer line is worth repairing, or if a replacement is your best option? We’re guessing that the answer is no, since you’re reading this page. The only person with that kind of skill and knowledge is a professional, so let us handle your drain and sewer installation and replacement services.

We will carefully evaluate the situation to decide if an existing sewer line is salvageable. We will also tell you honestly if the sewer line, even if able to be salvaged, is truly worth the trouble. Should you need a replacement, we’ll get that old line out of the way, and we’ll have a great new pipe in place before long.

We Offer Drain and Sewer Repair and Maintenance

You may not think that you require much in the way of drain and sewer maintenance. Just because they don’t have moving parts or sophisticated controls, though, doesn’t mean that your pipes are guaranteed to work properly. Let us complete a thorough drain cleaning or sewer cleaning to get your pipes back to their former splendor. We can even take a peek inside your sewer line to evaluate its condition within.

If we do find problems with your system during routine maintenance, or if you know that you have run into trouble with your drain and sewer lines, you can count on us to complete your drain and sewer repairs promptly and properly. We use only the finest products and materials, so you can count on our work lasting. For a drain and sewer job well done, you need only dial our number.