Clean Water, Happy Family: The Power of Reverse Osmosis

Clean Water, Happy Family: The Power of Reverse Osmosis

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Your family’s safety matters, especially when it comes to clean drinking water. While your local water company does treat the water, harmful contaminants can still linger. That’s where a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment system comes in. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, it effectively eliminates contaminants that traditional methods may miss, ensuring your family enjoys the purest, safest drinking water possible.

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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis, often referred to as RO, is a fantastic method to purify your drinking water and make it absolutely clean and safe. Let’s break down how it works in a simple and understandable way:

The Water Journey

RO uses a special process where water is pushed under pressure through a unique filter known as a “semipermeable membrane.” This membrane is like a super-fine net that captures all the impurities in the water, leaving behind only the pure, clean water we can safely drink.

The Contaminant Catchers

This fantastic system employs various filters to trap different kinds of contaminants. First, sediment filters work hard to capture things like rust and calcium carbonate. Then, an activated charcoal filter comes into action, specifically targeting chlorine, which could harm the RO’s delicate membranes.

Impurity Eliminators

The RO process doesn’t stop there! The thin-film membrane plays a crucial role by filtering out tiny particles such as bacteria and certain minerals that might still be present. Plus, an ultraviolet lamp is utilized to ensure that any sneaky bacteria that got through the membrane are instantly killed, leaving us with water that’s as safe as can be.

Final Check

Just to be extra sure, a second carbon filter is used to catch any remaining chemicals that might have slipped past the previous filters. This is like a final security check before the water is declared pure and ready for use.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

1) Pure, Uncompromised Water

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Embrace the assurance that RO effectively removes heavy metals like mercury and lead, along with undesirable chemicals and impurities, including PFA’s. PFA’s, like PFOA, are synthetic chemicals found in various products and can pose potential health risks while persisting in the environment. With a reverse osmosis system, you can confidently protect your family’s health by ensuring improved water quality and saying goodbye to worries about harmful substances in your water.

2) Green and Cost-Effective

With RO, you’re not just getting crystal-clear water; you’re also embracing an eco-friendly and budget conscious option. This system is energy efficient, relying solely on your home’s water pressure, which means no extra electricity expenses on your bills.

3) Instant, Hassle-Free Access

Enjoy the luxury of clean water on demand! Unlike distillation, which demands considerable effort, RO keeps it simple – turn on your faucet, and let the system take care of the rest. No complicated processes, just convenience at your fingertips.

4) Preserving Filter Lifespan

Remember, RO is not intended to be a water softener. To prolong your filter’s life and maintain optimal performance, avoid using it as a water softening solution. Instead, consider a dedicated water softener if needed.

5) Savings and Environmental Impact

Bid farewell to buying bottled water and the associated plastic waste concerns. By investing in an RO system, you’re not only saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that would have gone into bottled water but also significantly reducing plastic waste in our environment.

6) Enhance Your Culinary Delights

Embrace a whole new world of taste! Users of RO systems consistently report that their food tastes better. Removing contaminants from the water means your culinary creations won’t be tainted, allowing the true flavors to shine through.

7) Return On Investment (ROI) Potential

A reverse osmosis system will pay for itself fairly quickly. The money you save on purchasing bottled water alone will probably go a long way to paying for your system. It only costs pennies per gallon to operate your RO system, so you’ll see the financial benefits almost immediately. And you won’t have empty water bottles filling up your recycling containers.

Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

Like any system in your home, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical appliances, etc., an RO system requires regular maintenance to operate properly and avoid any major repair costs. The various filters need to be replaced periodically, and the tank needs to be emptied about every two weeks if you don’t use your system that much. Here at Mark Lindsay plumbing, we’ll set up a maintenance schedule for your system to keep it operating at peak performance.

Help from the Water Treatment Experts

Unlock the potential of your water and savor the benefits of reverse osmosis today. Experience the joys of pure, refreshing water while contributing to a greener planet! Just call the West Milford water treatment experts at Mark Lindsay and Son. We’ll be happy to work with you to set up the reverse osmosis system that will meet your family’s needs and provide expert service to keep it working at peak performance.

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