How to Maintain Your Residential Water Treatment System: 8 Tips for Longevity & Efficiency

How to Maintain Your Residential Water Treatment System: 8 Tips for Longevity & Efficiency

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If you have a whole-home water treatment system in West Milford, NJ or the surrounding area, you’re on the right track to preserve your health and plumbing. But the quality of your water is more than installing the right system; you also need to take good care of it to maintain its longevity and efficiency.

Read on for some of our best tips to help you properly keep your water treatment system. If you have any questions or need help with your water treatment system, just reach out to the expert plumbers in West Milford at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating!

1) Read the Manual

It’s wise to review the manufacturer’s manual to get an idea of what to expect from your system. You’ll better understand how to address different issues and guidelines on maintenance requirements and any warranties. Follow any instructions to register your system to receive the latest information and take advantage of potential savings or rebate opportunities.

2) Schedule Regular Maintenance and Inspections

You can visually inspect your water filtration system’s components, such as leaks or cracks. But you need a professional plumber for ongoing maintenance and inspections. The team at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating will thoroughly examine and care for your unit, which could get on top of minor problems before they turn into costly repairs.

3) Replace Your Water System Filters

Your water treatment system probably uses some type of filter and other technology to remove contaminants. Depending on your system, you may be able to replace the filter yourself every three to six months. But a professional plumber can assist with filter changes during routine maintenance and ongoing checks.

4) Flush Out the System

Water treatment systems are supposed to keep your water clean, but if you don’t maintain and clean them out, they can aggravate the problem. For systems that use a storage tank, flush it regularly to prevent the buildup of sediments and bacteria.

5) Sanitize and Disinfect

Your local plumber in West Milford, NJ, may recommend periodic sanitation of your water treatment system. Similar to flushing out your unit, sanitation can prevent the growth of bacteria and algae within the system.

6) Protect Your Water System from Freezing

West Milford, NJ, and the Northern NJ area are prone to cold snaps and frigid winters. If you’re keeping your water treatment system in a place that’s not well insulated, it could freeze and damage your unit. Even if it doesn’t damage your system, your water becomes compromised and not getting cleaned properly.

7) Keep Good Records

In addition to good maintenance and changing out filters, you should keep good records. Include when the filters were last replaced, inspection dates, and any issues and their resolution. You’ll have a better idea of what’s really going on with your water treatment system and be able to track its performance.

8) Stay Informed

Stay on top of any updates, best practices, and recalls for your water treatment system. Your manual should have a website or place to register your device. Sign up for alerts or occasionally look up news about your unit.

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