4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Changing Your Home’s Air Filter

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Changing Your Home’s Air Filter


It’s something most of our customers have heard at least a few times before. You should be changing your air filter once a month–once every three months at most. But this is something that is difficult to remember and may get put on the backburner.

Our technicians have found that part of the reason people neglect this monthly task is because they are unclear as to why it’s really so important. We hope that by giving you more information, by letting you know how a clean or dirty air filter affects you, you may be more likely to replace it in a timely manner. Learn more about the importance of a clean air filter below, and call our team for your next AC or heating service in Rockaway.

#1: Your air quality

Many people believe that changing the air filter is recommended primarily in order to improve indoor air quality. Of course, you want to keep your air as clean as possible, and changing the filter each month is one step in doing so. However, we should inform you that this is not the main reason to do so. If you really want to take control of your indoor air quality, you may want to look into a whole-house air purifier, which can eliminate the smallest of particles and bacteria from the air.

#2: Comfort

Here’s the real problem with a dirty air filter: it keeps air from flowing into the AC and heating systems the way it is supposed to. The particulate in the air gets trapped in the fibers of the filter. The blower fan cannot suck in enough air to sufficiently cool or heat your home, which means you feel a lot less comfortable as a result.

Inadequate airflow could result from a number of different problems. However, if you notice your air conditioning or heating systems aren’t working properly, you can try changing the filter and see if that solves the issue.

#3: The heating and air conditioning equipment

Your heating and air conditioning equipment may dysfunction as a result of the lack of airflow. Air conditioning and heating systems are sized just so for your home, and they are supposed to have a set amount of air moving through them at all times. If not, the blower fan can become overworked with all of the extra work. The indoor coil of an air conditioner may freeze, and other components can start to wear with the extra strain on your heating and AC systems.

#4: Your wallet

Finally, a major reason to change your air filter is that it can save you money. Your AC and heating systems may need more repairs the longer they go with dirty filters, which means potential repair costs for you.

All that extra work for your fan and the components of your furnace or AC means higher energy bills too as the motors work overtime. Changing the filter certainly comes with a price, but maintaining the efficiency of your comfort system makes it all worth it.

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