Providing Sewer Cleaning Services Throughout Northern New Jersey

For the vast majority of modern homeowners, the notion of living without a drain and sewer system in their homes is completely foreign to them. The days of draining a tub of water manually or using an outhouse are well in the past, and thankfully so. If you want to ensure that your sinks, bathtub, and toilet all drain effectively, reliably, and hygienically, though, you need to know that your sewer line is in great working condition.

Now, we understand that you wouldn’t want to clean your own sewer line, even if you could access it safely. Fortunately for you, that responsibility is not yours to shoulder. All that you need to do is to schedule professional sewer cleaning in Northern New Jersey with a member of the Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc team. In doing so, you ensure that your sewer line will be cleaned thoroughly and successfully.

Why Is Sewer Line Cleaning Necessary?

technicians working on a newfoundland nj sewer cleaningObviously, cleaning your sewer line is not the type of cleaning project completed with aesthetic appeal in mind. This is a matter of function entirely. When your sewer line is narrowed by buildups on its interior surfaces, or partially clogged with any waste materials, there is no way in which that sewer line is going to function effectively. That can have a few different, but all very unsavory, results.

The pressure in the sewer line can actually do damage to the line itself, especially if it is already compromised in any way. Plus, a clogged sewer line may back up into one’s home, and that is not a mess that you want to deal with. With a meticulous sewer line cleaning you won’t have to?

How Is a Sewer Line Cleaned?

This is a great question, and one that many people have some misconceptions about. If you think that simply feeding a drain snake through your sewer line will effectively clean it, think again. This is clearing a sewer, not cleaning it, and as often as not there is plenty of debris left behind once the snake has passed through the sewer line. It really only need to make enough room for itself, after all.

That is why we recommend sewer drain cleaning with hydro–jetting technology. Hydro–jetting is a service in which a hose is fed into the sewer line directly. This hose has a special nozzle affixed to its front, which blasts very pressurized water in 360° within the pipe. That scours the interior surface of the pipe, and the debris is flushed back toward the opening. This is the difference between cleaning and clearing, and cleaning has much longer lasting and satisfactory results.

What Can Cause a Sewer Blockage?

There are a lot of different reasons as to why your sewer line may become blocked.

General Use:
A lot of waste makes its way down your sewer line every day, every year. Over time, some accumulation is really unavoidable.
While some accumulation is unavoidable, some is definitely the result of human carelessness. Avoid putting fats, oils, and grease down your drains, as they will congeal when they cool, and can cause serious clogs.
Tree Roots:
Tree roots are naturally going to seek out water. There is water in your sewer line, of course, and tree roots are actually obstinate enough to grow right into the sewer line.

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