How to Keep Tree Roots Out of Your Sewer Line

Your sewer line is a vital part of your plumbing system that keeps wastewater flowing out of your home safely and efficiently. Ideally you want everything to work the way it should without ever thinking about it. But when persistent clogs and wastewater appear, you could have a major issue deep in your sewer line. The culprit is often tree roots that are compromising the integrity of your sewer line.

tree roots that could get into a sewer line

Not sure what to do next? Call the pros at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating today to address all of your West Milford sewer line needs. We also put together a round-up to give you clues, insights, and solutions on how to deal with tree roots growing into your sewer line!

Signs You Have a Tree Root Intrusion in Your Sewer Line

The first step to dealing with roots in your sewer line is recognizing the signs. Here are some indicators to watch out for:


If you’re dealing with unexplained sinkholes in your yard, it could signal tree roots compromising your sewer line. The more the roots expand, the more they create a void in yoru soil that leads to problematic sinkholes that could eventually damage your pipes.

Rapid Tree Growth

Are your trees suddenly growing vigorously at the same time you’re experiencing plumbing problems? You may have a root intrusion. Not every fast-growing tree is going to pose a problem, but it’s important to monitor what’s going on with your yard and if it’s coinciding with clogs, back-ups, and other issues.

Gurgling Sounds

Mysterious gurgling noises coming from your pipes or walls could point to roots obstructing the flow of water. This problem is more common in older homes, but any strange plumbing noises needs a skilled plumber to figure out the cause before it gets any worse.

Slow Drains and Toilets

Slow drains and toilets could be a a simple clog, but anything persistent or stubborn may signal a root invasion. If you’ve already tried cleaning your drains or plunging and aren’t having luck, call Mark Lindsay and Son right away for help.

Foul Odors

Foul odors wafting up from your drains or wet areas in your yard are never a good sign. It usually means there’s some kind of sewer problem, which could include tree roots in your sewer line.

Increased Water Bills

Are you water bills suddenly on the rise? If there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it, you may have a sewer line issue.

Low Water Pressure

There’s no need to deal with low or inconsistent water pressure. Something is amiss and it could trace back to your sewer line obstructing the flow of water.

How to Deal with Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Now that you know the signs of sewer line problems, it’s time for some proactive care and actionable solutions. Here are some steps to take to address tree root issues.

1) Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection

If you suspect a tree root invasion, call the team at Mark Lindsay and Son right away. We can perform a sewer line camera inspection to take a closer look and come up with a solution. We’ll communicate what’s going on, go over your options, and offer upfront pricing. No matter what’s going on, we can fix it and restore the integrity of your sewer line.

2) Remove or Treat Your Roots

If we determine you do have tree roots in your sewer line, you need immediate intervention before they get any worse. Every situation is unique, but hydro jetting is an effective way to get rid of of problematic tree roots. We use a powerful stream of water to blast through your pipes and break up roots at the source.

3) Consider Sewer Line Replacement

If there’s a severe case of root intrusion or your sewer line is old and prone to leaks, you may need a sewer line replacement. The experts at Mark Lindsay and Son offer trenchless sewer repair for a low-stress way to fix the problem. We insert a fortified lining into your exiting pipe to fix it from the inside out. There’s no complicated excavation to address your plumbing problem.

4) Proactively Landscape Your Yard

Whether you had a tree root issue in your plumbing or want to keep them out of your sewer line, proactive landscaping can help. Avoid fruit trees with long, invasive roots and look towards Japanese maples, dogwoods, crepe myrtles, and crabapple trees. They’re less likely to pose a threat to your sewer line.

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Tree roots in your sewer line can feel overwhelming, but there are solutions that can quickly get you back to your usual routine. The team at Mark Lindsay and Son offers one-stop services for all your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. We handle all types of problems, from complicated overhauls to quick fixes. Schedule your appointment today!

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