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Air Conditioning Newfoundland, NJ

Whenever it’s time for air conditioning service in Newfoundland, NJ, trust the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Mark Lindsay & Son.

With over half a decade in the Newfoundland HVAC service business, we have the experience and skill to work on any and all types of air conditioning systems.

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Our Newfoundland Air Conditioning Services

Whether you need your air conditioning in Newfoundland repaired, maintained or replaced, we’ll get to you quickly,  find the solutions that you need, and implement them fast. Get help with your Newfoundland air conditioning by calling us for:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation or replacement
  • Ductless AC service
  • Central AC service

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Newfoundland Air Conditioning Repairs
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When you need AC repair in Newfoundland, NJ, call us at Mark Lindsay and Son. We’ll get to you quickly, figure out what your AC needs, and get it repaired as fast as we can.

We know that home AC repair in Newfoundland, NJ is essential during the long, hot summers. We’ll never ask you to wait any longer than is absolutely necessary to get a tech to you, get the parts we need, and perform your air conditioning repair. We are the Newfoundland air conditioning repair company you can trust, no matter what has gone wrong with your AC unit.

When to Call for Newfoundland AC Repair
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We recommend that you call for AC repair in Newfoundland as soon as you notice a problem. Since these things can get worse fast, we recommend getting our experts on the job ASAP.

Call us for Newfoundland air conditioning repair as soon as you notice any of the following issues:

  • Your air conditioner won’t turn on, or it only turns on some of the time
  • Your air conditioner doesn’t turn off
  • Your air conditioner turns on and off but it cycles so fast that your home doesn’t cool off
  • Your air conditioner makes sounds you’ve never heard it make before.
  • Your air conditioner blows hot or lukewarm air
  • Your air is more or less humid than usual
  • You are hot at home even when your air conditioner seems to be running normally

Newfoundland Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement
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Is it time for you to get a new air conditioner? If you need AC installation in Newfoundland, NJ, give us a call at Mark Lindsay and Son. Even if you’re not sure whether you need a new air conditioning unit installed or not, we’ll assess the problem for you and let you know what we would do if we were the ones making the choice.

If you decide to move forward with air conditioning installation in Newfoundland, we’ll help you choose an AC system that meets your needs and budget, install it and test it before we go!

Signs You May Need a New Air Conditioner
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It’s almost never possible to tell if you need a new air conditioner or if you should repair the old one, unless you’re an expert. There’s just too much that can be involved in the problem to know for sure without getting an expert opinion.

However, here are some times when it’s a good idea to consider AC replacement in Newfoundland:

  • Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old
  • Your air conditioner keeps breaking down/you’ve spent a lot of money on repairs over the last few years
  • Your AC unit has the old coolant
  • You want a more energy-efficient AC unit

Newfoundland AC Maintenance
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Did you know that regular air conditioning maintenance in Newfoundland, NJ can keep your AC cooling well, help you save money, and reduce your worries about your unit?

At Mark Lindsay and Son, we believe that AC maintenance in Newfoundland is the single most important thing you can do to make sure you stay cool this summer. Call us whenever you’re ready to schedule your Newfoundland AC tune up and find out just how much this can help you!

Your Local Newfoundland Air Conditioning Pros

Reach out to us at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating whenever you need help with your air conditioning in Newfoundland, NJ. One of our experienced technicians will be there ASAP to get your Newfoundland AC system running perfectly so you’ll be cool again at home!


24/7 Emergency Services

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