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Furnace Services in Newfoundland, NJ

Is your furnace broken or struggling? Are you wondering if it’s time to get a new furnace or have your furnace serviced so it will last longer? At Mark Lindsay & Son, we have many furnace specialists on staff because we know that so many people have furnace issues every winter. Call us today and we’ll send a furnace service expert to your home fast. No matter what’s going on, we’ll solve your problems and get you warm again.

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is broken, call us and say, “Please fix my furnace!” We’ll have someone at your door ASAP to do your furnace repair in Newfoundland. We’ll start by talking with you about the problem. After all, we need to know what you’re experiencing to make sure you get the best furnace repair for your home.

Once we have a complete understanding of the problem from your point of view, we’ll take a look at your furnace and test each part of it until we find out what is not working. Usually, this examination tells us exactly what furnace repair we need to perform. We’ll get the parts we need, then get to work and fix your furnace as soon as we can.

We’ll keep the lines of communication open throughout your furnace repair in Newfoundland. If we need to order parts, you’ll know when you can plan to hear from us again. If the repair is going to take longer than expected, we’ll make sure you know. There’s nothing hidden, ever, when you’re working with Mark Lindsay & Son.

Before long, you’ll have the furnace you need to keep you warm all winter long. We’ll test it before we go and invite you to do so as well, just so we all know that it is working the way you need it to.

Furnace Replacement

Sometimes, furnace replacement is a better option than furnace repair. If we think this might be true for you, we’ll tell you and help you choose a new furnace that will work well in your home. We’ll take into consideration your home’s size, your heating usage patterns, and more, then get you a furnace from a reputable manufacturer. This furnace service includes installation, as well.

Furnace Installation

Whether you get your new furnace through us or not, we would be happy to install a furnace for you. Our furnace installation is always done according to manufacturer instructions and specifications so we can all be sure that the furnace got put in right. We’ll test it before we go, of course, just to make sure there aren’t any problems that we can’t see. If it’s working well, we’ll get out of your home and let you get warm again in Newfoundland.

Call us today, whether it’s to say, “Fix my furnace!” or to ask for help getting and installing a new unit. We’ll be there soon to get you the furnace you need before winter strikes again. Make your appointment with a skilled technician now!