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sign for riverdale nj | plumbing, air conditioning, and heating in riverdaleWhen something goes wrong with the plumbing or HVAC systems in your Riverdale, NJ home, it’s important that you have a plan in place for how to handle the situation. Make Mark Lindsay & Son your go-to phone call whenever something goes wrong with those systems in your home. We promise that we will send out an expert technician, give you an up-front assessment of the situation and what it will take to fix it, and do the work as fast as we can while maintaining quality. We love working in Riverdale and we would love to work with you!

Heating & Air Conditioning

If your heater or air conditioner stops working in Riverdale, you’re going to want to get it repaired fast. After all, you will get uncomfortable fast, whether you’re getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Riverdale can experience some extreme temperatures, so we understand why it’s so important to you that your units work well all the time. We promise to come to you as soon as possible, assess the situation accurately, and get everything working again soon.

Did you know that you can prolong the life of your heating and air conditioning systems by performing regular maintenance on them? We are happy to do this for you for a small fee. We’ll replace your filters, clean out your intakes, and check everything against the manufacturer’s specifications. If we find any problems, we’ll let you know and help you take care of them before they cause your unit to stop functioning.

When it’s time to replace your heating and air conditioning units, you can call us for that, too! We’ll take a look at the square footage of your home and talk to you about how often you use your systems, your budget, and your energy saving preferences. Then, we’ll recommend units that will work well for you. We can also oversee ordering your unit and we’ll install it correctly, making sure it works and that you understand how to use it before we leave.


We offer a complete array of plumbing services, so there’s no job we won’t take on for you. Whether you need your toilet unclogged or your sewer replaced, our experienced plumbers will get the job done with as little hassle for you as possible. We know that functioning plumbing is essential and we will do what needs to be done to get yours working again.

We can also help you find the new plumbing fixtures you’ve been looking for. We only recommend brands that we, after years of working in the business, would trust in our own homes. We know that you need your fixtures to work well both now and in the future, so we’ll help you obtain and install ones from trustworthy brands.

Call us today to get on our schedule soon! We would love to come out and, help you live better in Riverdale, NJ!

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About Riverdale, NJ – Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Riverdale, New Jersey is a small borough located in Morris County, and its population was nearly 3,600 in 2010. This means that the population increased by nearly 43% from 2000 to 2010. Incorporated in 1923, Riverdale is a great place to both live and work with numerous roadways connecting it to nearby municipalities. While elementary and middle school students can attend school in this borough, high school students take part in a sending/receiving relationship with a neighboring district and complete their education at Pompton Lakes High School. As part of a transitional area between humid continental and humid subtropical climate zones, Riverdale is known for having distinct seasonal temperature differences, including humid and warm summers and cold winters.
Despite the small size of this town, there are a few popular sites of interest located here. Art lovers may enjoy a trip to this community, as Ice House Pottery and the Riverdale Art Center are both located here. Sing-Sing Karaoke is a popular store in the region, and there are a variety of outdoor recreational areas available, including Freedom Park.