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At Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, we can help you with anything pertaining to your air conditioning in Oakland, NJ. From installation to replacement and even maintenance, we’ll make sure your HVAC in Oakland works well all the time. 

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Our Oakland Air Conditioning Services

Rely on us for all of your needs surrounding air conditioning in Oakland. We know that it gets hot and humid in the summer and we’ll keep your cold air on! Reach out to us when you need:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation or replacement
  • Ductless AC service
  • Central AC service

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Oakland Air Conditioning Repair
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Do you need air conditioning repairs? Many homeowners put these off, assuming that their air conditioner won’t work as well as it ages or that there’s not much that can be done. However, we can almost always repair your air conditioner, no matter what has gone wrong. If you think something is broken, have one of our expert HVAC technicians come to your home today to assess your air conditioning system. 

 Our expert technicians know that you need your air conditioning repair as soon as possible, and they have years of experience working on all makes and models of air conditioners, so you can be assured that we will fix your cooling system the first time, every time.

Some of our most common air conditioning repairs include:

  • Recharging cooling systems with low or leaking refrigerant
  • Finding the sources of unpleasant odors
  • Remedying frozen coils
  • Repairing inoperable outside fans
  • Repairing faulty system wiring and electronic controls
  • Identifying and repairing damaged or malfunctioning temperature sensors
  • Fixing condenser drainage issues

Call Mark Lindsay & Son for your air conditioning repair, and find out what makes us different from the rest!

Air Conditioning Installation
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If it’s time for a new AC unit, Mark Lindsay & Son can help with your air conditioning installation in Oakland. We’ll make sure you get the right unit for you and your family by making sure we know how big your home is, how often you use your AC, how cool you like to keep your home, and more. We’ll always recommend air conditioners that come from brands we trust so you can be sure you’re getting an AC that will last. 

Once you’ve chosen your new AC, we’ll do your air conditioning installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures that your new AC has the best chance of lasting a long time and working well for you.

Oakland Air Conditioner Maintenance
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Do you keep up with your air conditioner maintenance in Oakland or the surrounding areas? Did you know that maintaining your air conditioner can make a huge difference in how well it functions, how long it lasts, and how much you pay for energy?  Many homeowners don’t realize that maintaining their air conditioner is key to keeping it functioning well and finding any problems before they become huge issues.

Why Choose Air Conditioner Maintenance
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Air conditioner maintenance in Oakland can also keep your unit running longer. Many times, we find small problems that can become major issues if they go unrepaired. When we repair them early, we keep your AC from experiencing excess wear and tear. This means that the parts all stay in better condition for a longer time, so your unit lasts longer. Since air conditioner replacement is expensive, this saves you money.

You’ll also pay less for energy when you maintain your air conditioner well. Units that have clogged filters or air intakes have to work harder to pull in the air they need to cool your home. This means that they use more energy than they are supposed to, which costs you when it’s time to pay for that energy

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Rely on our air conditioning service in Oakland whenever you need help staying cool in your home! At Mark Lindsay & Son, we’ll make sure you get the solution that is best for your home and your family. Call now to make an appointment with one of our skilled HVAC techs!


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