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E-Z prep instructions

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating, Inc for your heating and cooling needs. Please take a moment to go over the information below to help make sure your installation goes smoothly. We have created this easy to follow form to assist in aligning with our Guarantee and with our Core Values, the first of which is Safety First. We hope that by going over this information before your installation we may answer some of the questions that you may have.

After trusting us with your project

Your equipment/permits are ordered and once ready, we will contact you to arrange the best date for installation, unless this is arranged in advance. There is no need to contact us to arrange an installation date. You will be called before the promised date on your contract.

Preparing your home

  • Please have all vehicles and other obstructions removed from the driveway. In case of inclement weather, please be sure to have all walkway areas cleared of snow and ice.
  • Please have all doorways that we will need to access cleared of any obstructions.
  • We will typically need access to the area where the equipment will be located, a path to and from the desired entrance to be used, to and from the electrical panel and lastly, any ancillary areas (e.g. thermostat, plumbing, fixtures, valves, vents etc.) that you believe our technicians may need to access to do the best job possible for you. So, please make sure all paths our technicians may use for accessing the project areas are clear of any breakable or valuable items. In addition, we will use floor protecting shoe covers and drop clothes to protect your home.
  • As an additional safeguard, please relocate any delicate, valuable or breakable items that may be in the areas that we will be working in or traveling through so as to minimize any concerns or damage.

Day of your installation

  • When scheduling your installation date, we will provide you with a window of time (usually between 8 or 9 a.m.) for our expecteed time of arrival. While we strive to meet the stated arrival window, please note that there may be times that die to certain logistic issues that may arise from time to time, that this window may not always be met. In such cases, we will communicate accordingly in doer to keep you informed and minimize any inconvenience. We will also call the evening before the schedule project to confirm the time and date.
  • We will provide you with a reasonable estimate of the time it is expected to take for completion of your project, however it is impractical and irresponsible of us to commit to a length of time that an installation will take to be completed as every project is unique and we will take as long as is needed to complete your project to our high standards. On occasion, an additional day or days may be needed to complete your project properly.
  • On rare occasions, additional access openings may be needed for our project. Should we experience this challenge with your project we will communicate such need with you in advance of creating such access. While we will make as minimal an opening as reasonably possible, the responsibility for closing off or putting a finished appearance to the new access opening, will belong to you as the homeowner once project is completed. We only perform the rough opening work necessary to perform the installation project.
  • Final payment must be made upon completion of the project in the form of approved financing. credit card, check or cash.

Pet friendly policy

  • We LOVE our clients’ furry family members too! That’s why Mark Lindsay and Son has implemented our pet friendly policy. What this policy asks is that for the safety of your pet, that they please be confined to an area that we will not need to access while we are working. With all the hazards of electricity, sharp items, tools etc, that we use, we would never want there to be a chance that harm could be done to your furry friends. Additionally, having “strangers” in the home can be very stressful to pets. We will cease all work if pets are not in a safe location until they again are placed in shuch a place. We thank you in advance for allowing us to keep them safe too!


  • All warranties should be spelled out in writing at the time a work order is completed. At Mark Linday and Son we believe in complete transparency as a company so we put all of our guarantees in writing BEFORE you agree to trust us with your project so you can feel safe and have peace of mind with your decision. No employee can change or alter any of these written guarantees.

Thank you for your cooperation and we trust that you will enjoy your new system for years to come. We look forward to exceeding your expectations for many years to come.

Download instructions here.

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