Zone Control Systems West Milford, NJ

When you first enter your home at night, do you flip a single switch in order to light up every area of your residence? Of course not. That would be unnecessary, and a serious waste of energy. Why, then, are we so content to both heat and cool our homes to just one set temperature throughout? With a zone control system in Northern New Jersey, you won’t have to do so any longer.

A zone control system is fairly simple in theory, but the installation and servicing of such systems is anything but. When you are ready to move ahead with your zone control system installation, or if your existing system requires service of any kind, let Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc know. We’ll make sure that your home is zoned successfully.

How Does Zone Heating and Cooling Work?

If you use a ducted, forced air heating and/or cooling system in your home, such as a heat pump, furnace, or central air conditioner, then you rely upon ductwork in order to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Normally, you’d set the temperature at the thermostat, and your system would heat or cool your entire house to meet that temperature. Zone heating and cooling gives you greater control.

By using multiple thermostats throughout the house and electronic dampers that are installed directly into your ductwork, you can heat and cool different areas to different temperatures, creating different temperature zones. Needless to say, the operational quality of such systems is hugely dependent upon their design and installation. That is why you should leave everything to us.

We Install and Replace Zone Control Systems

In order to save energy while boosting comfort levels throughout your home, your zone heating and air conditioning system must be installed by a qualified professional. Our technicians fit the bill. We’ll work closely with you in establishing temperature zones in your home, and we’ll integrate the required equipment into your existing system seamlessly.

If you should find need for replacing your zone control system at any point, due to extensive operational problems or poor design work by an unqualified party, just let us know. We will do everything necessary to ensure that your replacement system is up to your standards, as well as our own. You deserve nothing less.

Do You Need Zone Control System Repairs?

Is one of the thermostats in your zone control system failing to register temperatures correctly? Is there a particular zone that is just never quite as comfortable as others? Is heating and cooling your home costing more, instead of less? A zone control system comprises multiple thermostats, a central control panel, and electronic dampers, all of which are subject to occasional operational issues. Repairs may well be necessary at some point.

Whatever issues that you may encounter with your zone control system, keep in mind that prompt zone control system repairs will always benefit you. Don’t let relatively simple issues spiral out of control. Dial our number at the first sign of trouble with your system.