Heat Pump Services West Milford, NJ

a newfoundland heat pump repair workingWe are certainly not lacking for options when it comes to the ways in which we both heat and cool our homes today. There are plenty of residential heating and cooling systems out there, including boilers, furnaces, central ACs, hybrid heating systems and other old standbys. Did you know, though, that there are systems that actually allow you to both heat and cool your home?

They’re called heat pumps, and they are an excellent option to consider if you are in the market for a new heating or air conditioning system. Contact a member of the Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc staff if you have any questions regarding heat pumps, or if you need any heat pump services. We are happy to help you get the most from your heat pump in Northern New Jersey.

How Does a Heat Pump System Work?

You may find it a bit boggling to understand how a system can both heat and cool a home, but the process is actually rather straightforward. During the summer season, a heat pump acts just like a central air conditioner. Heat is drawn out of the air in the home as is passes over the evaporator coil, where refrigerant is evaporated as it absorbs heat. That heat is then vented outdoors.

Unlike central AC, though, a heat pump can reverse its refrigerant cycle, thanks to a component called the reversing valve. This allows it to draw heat out of the air in the winter. The warmed refrigerant is compressed, boosting its thermal energy, and that heat is used to heat the house. It’s quite an efficient process, as heat is transferred into the home, rather than generated. Heat pumps are becoming a popular option, and if you’d like to learn more about one, contact us today.

Benefits of Using a Heat Pump

When you opt for professional heat pump installation, you’ll enjoy a few great benefits unique to such systems. Just remember that you need to hire trained professionals in order to get the most from your heat pump. Only then will you enjoy its full benefits, including:

  • Outstanding Efficiency: Heat pumps don’t consume fuel in order to generate heat, but rather use a heat transfer process to warm homes. This is remarkably efficient.
  • Great Versatility: With a heat pump, you get a heat and an air conditioner in one system. That versatility is a major draw for homeowners looking to simplify their systems.
  • Environmentally Sound: With a heat pump, you use only a small amount of electricity to heat your home. This allows you to reduce your reliance upon fossil fuels.

Heat Pump Repair, Installation & More

If you hope to enjoy the best that your heat pump has to offer, you must schedule your heat pump installation or replacement with a trained professional. That way, your system will be appropriately sized for your home, as well as installed properly. This will help you to get and outstanding performance from the system all year long.

Routine heat pump maintenance is an incredibly important service. These systems operate year round, and should be maintained prior to or following both the heating and cooling seasons. This will help to keep the system up and running at peak efficiency and performance levels. If and when you do require heat pump repairs, remember that scheduling those repairs promptly will help to minimize the risk of serious, costly damages to your system.