Boiler Repair West Milford, NJ

hvac technician performing boiler repair in west milford nj

Turn to the team at Mark Lindsay and Son whenever you go to turn on the heat and realize that your boiler is not working.

Boiler repair in West Milford, NJ is one of our specialties! No matter what you need done or what is going on with your heater, give us a call and we’ll be on our way soon. Reach out to us now and say “My boiler is broken!” and our boiler service experts will be there shortly to get things working again.


Expert Boiler Repairs

We promise you that your heater won’t fix itself. So when you notice an issue, call out our boiler repair trusted company in West Milford and we’ll have an expert out to help you!

Rely on us for boiler repair when:

  • Your boiler makes unusual sounds
  • Your boiler won’t turn off
  • Your boiler won’t turn on
  • Your boiler turns off and on quickly and repeatedly but it doesn’t heat your home
  • Your boiler blows lukewarm or cold air
  • Your boiler doesn’t respond to thermostat changes
  • The airflow in your vents is very limited
  • You are cold at home even though you’ve tried everything

Boiler Maintenance

A regular tune-up can do a lot to keep your boiler running well, for this winter and for many winters to come. We’ll make sure you get the boiler service you need so you will be able to feel confident about its ability to heat your home this winter. Our boiler maintenance in West Milford includes:

  • Testing each part and component of your boiler against the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure it’s working as it was designed to
  • Visually inspecting your entire boiler system
  • Cleaning out the system as needed to ensure proper airflow

West Milford Boiler Repair Pros

Here at Mark Lindsay and Son, we are available to fix any problems that you are having with your boiler. We’ll get you on the calendar so any repairs or maintenance can be completed, and then we’ll arrive on time and get it done so you can have reliable heat this winter. Call us now to schedule!