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At Mark Lindsay & Son, we love being part of your community in Greenwood Lake. We take pride in helping homeowners in the area have homes that work well and meet all of their needs. If you are having trouble with the plumbing or HVAC systems in your Greenwood Lake home, give us a call today so you won’t have to worry anymore! We’ll help you fix what’s broken so your family can rest easy again.


Plumber Greenwood Lake, NY

When the plumbing isn’t working in your home, it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. After all, as a homeowner, you often don’t have the knowledge to diagnose the problem or the time and skillset necessary to fix it. That’s where we come in. All of our plumbers are highly trained and certified, so they know exactly what they’re doing. They also have experience dealing with a vast array of plumbing problems, so they’ve probably solved one like yours before.

Do you have a bunch of small plumbing tasks that you’ve been putting off? Call us today and we’ll take care of them all at once so you don’t have to think about them anymore. We’ll unclog your drains, fix your broken toilets, replace your shower heads and faucets, remodel your bathroomwater softeners and more. When we’re done, you may not even recognize your house!

Maybe you have larger plumbing issues that you’re scared to deal with because you’re worried about the time, energy, and money that it will take to fix them. Whether it’s repiping your house, cleaning out your sewer, or finding a hidden leak, we’ll get the issue taken care of quickly and with a minimum of hassle for you.

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HVAC Greenwood Lake
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It gets so hot in Greenwood Lake in the summer and so cold in the winter, and we understand that you need your comfort systems to work well year round. If something doesn’t seem right, give us a call. We’ll figure out what the issue is and get it taken care of just as soon as we possibly can.

We’ll also perform the regular maintenance that your heating and air conditioning systems need in order to function well. We’ll make sure that everything is working as it should and that there aren’t any hidden problems in your system, so you can have the best possible chances of it working for you all year long.

Heating Services
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It gets cold here during the winter! We know that because we are the heating contractor in Greenwood Lake that lives here, as well as works in the area. Trust our HVAC team whenever your heater isn’t giving you the functionality you need.

Don’t put off calling for heating service in Greenwood Lake, NY. We don’t want you to get too cold at home and we don’t want you to worry about whether your pipes will freeze! Call us at the first sign of a heating problem to get everything taken care of quickly.

Air Conditioning Services
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Call your air conditioning contractor in Greenwood Lake for all of your A/C needs. We offer air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement, air conditioning installation, and air conditioning maintenance at competitive prices.

When you call us for air conditioning service in Greenwood Lake, you can count on our technicians to get you cooled off as quickly as possible! We’ll find the problem, then let you know what is going on and how we plan to solve it. As soon as you agree to let us work on the unit, we’ll get started and we won’t stop until it’s working well again.

Expert Greenwood Lake Plumbers & HVAC Techs
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Need some plumbing or HVAC work done on your home in Greenwood Lake? Call us and make your appointment today! See you soon!

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