Why Water Conditioning & Treatment Is Vital for Your Plumbing

Why Water Conditioning and Treatment Is Vital for Your Plumbing

Life is unpredictable, but there are some things we always expect to be going smoothly. For example, you assume that when you open a tap in your water, clean water will flow out. But, unfortunately, even water that appears to be contaminant-free can be suffering from issues that threaten your plumbing system.

We want to take the time to address a few factors that can affect your water supply—particularly if you get your water from a private well. Be sure to schedule testing and treatment with a local plumber to get your water back to standards.

Hard Water

“Hard water” is something you’ve probably heard of before, though you may not know just how much it affects your plumbing. While many people describe its effect on their hair, their skin, or even their food, the real issue with hard water is the minerals it leaves behind in pipes and fixtures. These minerals build up and restrict the volume of your pipes, which may force you to replace them early on. A water softener helps to eliminate this issue.

pH Levels

Low pH levels—those lower than about 7.0—are much more common in well water supplies than in public water supplies, and a number of issues can result. The main concern is corrosion of pipes and fixtures, so you may need equipment or treatment to neutralize the acidity.


Iron is another thing that won’t necessarily affect your health, but that can cause problems for your plumbing system and fixtures. Iron stains laundry and dishes a red, brown, or yellow color, and it can clog up fixtures, which is why you should have high iron levels treated.

Nitrates and Manganese

Nitrates and manganese in the water can be harmful for your health. Be sure to have a plumber or water treatment company test for these, and seek treatment immediately if you notice a problem.

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