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Spring Home Maintenance Tips That Can Help Save You Money


closeup of a sink dripping | northern nj plumberThere are several springtime home maintenance projects which can increase efficiency, help prevent costly damage, and increase your home’s safety.  Routine maintenance costs much less than major fixes down the road. Here’s some tips from your favorite Northern, NJ plumber:


  • Schedule routine heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance – routine maintenance can help prevent the need for more expensive repairs down the road, catching small problems before they become big problems, as well as save money and energy!


  • Change batteries in smoke alarms, CO detectors, and thermostats – Don’t let these items become an afterthought once they are installed.  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are lifesavers and is extremely important to check periodically that they are working properly.


  • Check and clean dehumidifiers – A maintained dehumidifier will perform better for a longer period of time.  Regular cleaning can save you money as a more efficient dehumidifier will be more effective in removing moisture from the air.


  • Check Water Softener (add salt if needed) – By investing in a water softener to have great water, you want to protect your investment by keeping it maintained properly.  Proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your water softener for years to come.


  • Inspect plumbing system – Performing a complete evaluation once a year is important to help keep systems running smoothly and help to avoid unexpected, sometimes costly repairs.


  • Test Sump Pump – Sump pumps are important to help keep your home safe from flooding.  Testing your sump pump is important since they don’t go to work year-round and you want to make sure that it does its job when needed to prevent water damage.


  • Change Air Filters – Changing air filters in your home’s HVAC system is very important in helping you save thousands in possible repairs and replacement costs, such as clogged air filters.  Changing the air filter will also ensure cleaner, fresher, healthier air.


  • Turn on and check outside spigots – Spring is a good time to check your spigots for any leaks as it can waste quite a bit of water.


If you’d like a professional to put your mind at ease, then call the northern New Jersey plumbing pros at Mark Lindsay and Son at 973-728-8900 today!

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