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Six Reasons To Have A Whole House Generator?

You never know the value of a whole house generator until you really need it.

Sure, by automatically restoring power a few seconds after an outage, a whole house generator will keep the lights on when severe summer weather wreaks havoc on New Jersey power grids – but it will do much than that.

Consider these critical benefits of a whole house generator:

  1. It will protect your health– A whole house generator can literally be a lifesaver, keeping emergency medical equipment up and running. It can also power any air quality equipment connected to your home’s HVAC system, which can really help if you suffer from summer allergies or asthma.
  2. It will protect your home from flood – A generator will keep your sump pump working even if power is down.
  3. It will protect your valuables – With a whole house generator, home security systems will stay on to protect your valuables.
  4. It will protect your family – A generator will help keep your family safe and connected by enabling you to recharge laptops, tablets and cellphones.
  5. It will protect your food – Generators can prevent hundreds of dollars of food spoilage in your fridge and freezer.
  6. It will keep you comfortable – When summer storm season arrives, so do hot, sticky nights. A whole house generator will keep your A/C running.

Be prepared for any weather! Contact Mark Lindsay Plumbing today to learn about whole house generator options for your New Jersey home.

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