Signs You May Have Water Quality Issues

Signs You May Have Water Quality Issues

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We depend on our water supply for numerous things: cooking, cleaning, hygiene, etc. We expect it to be of good quality and healthy to drink. That’s usually not a problem. However, sometimes we encounter water quality problems. Some are related to our plumbing, and on occasion, the water supply itself.

Read on to learn some signs that you have water quality problems or simply give our water treatment pros a call if you think you have poor water quality at home!

What to Look For

While the EPA has strict guidelines for water quality, unfortunately, sometimes things aren’t what they should be. Farm and industrial runoff, illegal dumping of chemicals, toxic waste, etc., and seepage from landfills can cause problems. 

Your home’s plumbing can also cause issues, such as mineral build up, possible lead contamination, a problem with many older homes, lead solder, and so on.

Hard Water

Your water may taste odd or have a mineral taste. This is what’s referred to as “hard water”. It’s safe to drink, but may taste funny, or irritate your skin or hair. This is the result of high mineral levels in your water supply. It also affects how well your laundry detergent cleans your clothes. You can get a water softening system installed to remove the excess minerals from your water.

Discolored Water

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If your water is discolored, this could also be symptom of hard water. It could also be a sign that your water has become contaminated. Have your Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing come in and check it ASAP.

A Rotten Egg Smell

If your water has a “rotten egg” or sulfur smell, it may have hydrogen sulfide in it. This is caused by a type of bacteria in the water. Sulfates can also give your water a salty taste. Our professionals can check for bacteria growth in your pipes, water heater, well, or other spots.

Chlorine Taste or Smell

While chlorine is used in the water treatment process, you don’t want to deal with the taste or smell. The Mark Lindsay and Son plumbing professionals can give you suggestions to deal with it.

Chemical Smell

If your water smells or tastes like turpentine or other chemicals, there’s good chance it’s been contaminated with methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) or xylenes, which are some byproducts of refining gasoline, paints, detergents, or inks. Don’t drink the water and get Mark Lindsay and Son to come in and test it, and if it’s contaminated, contact your local Department of Environmental Protection

Musty Odor

If your water has a musty or earthy smell or taste, it may be from decaying organic material in your pipes or at the water source. We can check your pipes and contact your water company to let them know.

Metallic Smells and Tastes

These tastes and smells may indicate you might have mercury, copper, arsenic, lead, or iron in your water. Since some of these are toxic, you need to have your water tested and have our professional team check your plumbing. This contamination may be coming from your pipes, or it may have an outside source. 

Oily Water

If you notice an oily film on the surface of the water in your toilet or when you fill your sink, it’s a sign that some kind of grease or oil has gotten into your water supply. Mark Lindsay and Son will check your plumbing system to find the source of contamination.

Detergent Smell

If your water smells like detergent, it means that some type of disease-causing bacteria have gotten into your water system. This can be due to seepage from a septic system has gotten into your water supply. This needs to be remedied immediately as these organisms can cause severe water-borne illnesses.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice your water pressure is low, such as a low flow from your shower head, or your faucets, your pipes may be clogged or have scale build up. This will restrict the flow of water through your system. If the scale or sediment comes loose, it can affect the taste of your water. Contact our professionals to check your pipes and repair or replace the affected areas.

Help from West Milford Water Quality Pros

If you’re having problems with your water quality or any other plumbing issues, call us at Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating! We can test your water and then implement the best solution to remedy your water quality issues, including installing a water filtration system, a reverse-osmosis system and more, ensuring your family has a healthy and safe water supply. 

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