Nine Things you Should NOT Put in your Dishwasher

Nine Things you Should NOT Put in your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is a big time (and water) saver. But as you may have found out through painful experience, it’s not indestructible.

Here are nine things you should avoid putting in your dishwasher if you want to keep it running.

  1. Sharp knives – The dishwasher can dull knife blades; best to wash your good one by hand.
  2. Labels – Manufacturer labels and price tags can come loose inside the dishwasher and clog the drain or filter. Take a minute and remove these by hand.
  3. Glue – Have a favorite plate that you broke and glued back together? Wash it by hand: glue can loosen in the high heat of a dishwasher cycle and cause problems.
  4. Insulated travel mugs – Heat from the dishwasher can melt the mug’s vacuum seal; unless you’re certain they’re dishwasher safe (always check the label), avoid putting them in.
  5. Food – It’s a dishwasher, not a garbage disposal. Scrape or wipe your dishes before you send them through (sauces are fine, but fat and grease are definitely NOT – they can solidify in your drain pipe and lead to a problem that requires professional plumbing repair).
  6. Wood – Spoons, cutting boards and other wooden kitchenware should be washed and dried by hand (and quickly) to keep them looking and working well. Dishwashers can make the wood swell, warp and crack.
  7. Non-stick pots and pans – The dishwashing process can break down non-stick coating, causing it to flake off during cooking and ruining the nonstick finish (this is also true of aluminum-coated pots and pans).
  8. Metallic-rimmed china – A dishwasher can permanently dull the metal rim on fine china in a single cycle.
  9. Cast iron. It takes a long time to build up a nonstick surface on cast iron; dishwashing detergents will strip it away in a single wash and leave the pan vulnerable to rust.

Take care of your dishes and your dishwasher – but if you clog up the drain line, don’t worry  – the pros at Mark Lindsay Plumbing will know just what to do. Contact us today for the best professional plumbing service in New Jersey!

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