Maintain Your Generator Throughout the Year

Maintain Your Generator Throughout the Year

Your generator only really needs to run when you don’t have any power in the home. That’s why it’s difficult for you to tell when your system needs service. Ensure your generator doesn’t break when you need it the most by keeping your generator properly maintained.

Run Your Generator

You might not need your generator right now, but it helps to run it and ensure that it’s working properly. If you have a portable generator, a test run also helps to ensure you know what you’re doing. Practice makes perfect, and you want to restore power as quickly as possible if an outage does come around.

If you have an automatic test generator, it may have a self-testing feature that alerts you to any issues after a weekly test. Ask your technicians for more information.

Make Sure There’s Always a Fuel Source

Keeping oil on hand (if you don’t have a natural gas generator) ensures that you don’t run out when you need your generator the most. After a power outage, restock on oil right away, and be sure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations as to what type to purchase.

Only add oil once the motor has cooled. This may mean you’ll have to go without power for a bit, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We highly recommend switching to a natural gas automatic standby generator to avoid this type of issue!

Call in Professionals

If you really want to make sure that the job is done correctly, call in professionals to test your generator once a year. This is particularly important if you have a whole-home automatic standby generator that you’ve invested quite a lot in. Professionals will check electrical connections and more to see that your generator is running smoothly so that you can rely on it for your next power outage. It’s not worth owning a system that doesn’t work properly.

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