Is My Home Making Me Sick?

Is My Home Making Me Sick?

Think pollution is only outside your home? Think again.

The truth is the air in your home typically contains anywhere from three to five times as many pollutants as outdoor air – and sometimes significantly more than that. Those are scary numbers when you consider how much time you spend inside – especially in the winter.

The good news is you can greatly improve air quality inside your New Jersey home simply by making some better buying and lifestyle choices. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Think green – Live plants absorb and remove many toxic chemicals and vapors (they look great, too), so add some to your living spaces.
  2. Choose low-VOC products for home improvement projects – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can cause respiratory irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and even memory impairment. Look for carpeting, paint, flooring, and other products with no or very low levels of VOCs – and always ventilate when working with products that emit VOCs.
  3. Use healthier cleaning and decorating products or make your own – Avoid solvent-based cleaners and cleaners or décor (candles, etc.) with strong fragrances. Instead, try making your own – vinegar and baking soda will clean almost anything, and essential oils can make your home smell beautiful without creating toxic air.
  4. Ventilate your hobby or work room – Using paint, glue, and wood finishing products inside can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. Always work with these materials in an extremely well-ventilated room – or better yet, do your work outside or in a detached garage.
  5. Consider installing a whole-house Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution – If your budget allows, there are great options for keeping your home air clean and healthy. A whole-house humidifier will prevent your home’s air from getting too dry in the winter (and save your furniture, too), while a quality whole-house indoor air purifier will take care of mold, dust, pet dander, and more.

A whole-house IAQ solution is surprisingly affordable – Contact us today for a FREE estimate for your New Jersey home!

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