How to Change a Whole House Water Filter

How to Change a Whole House Water Filter

how to change a whole house water filter in west milford

Installing a whole-house water filter is an effective way to protect your family’s health, improve the taste of your water, and give you peace of mind. But after it’s installed, you must continue to maintain the filter so that it doesn’t become clogged up.

In today’s guide, we’ll tell you how to change your whole-house sediment filter or carbon filter. Read on or learn more by calling your local West Milford plumbers!

1) Be Prepared

Gather your supplies; here’s what you’ll need:

  • The replacement filter cartridge
  • The wrench that unscrews the filter housing (hopefully, this was included with your installation)
  • An empty bucket
  • A bucket with soapy water (Remember, you won’t have water after you shut it off to clean the filter, so make sure you are prepared.)

2) Turn Off the Water

Shut off the water supply. Locate the shutoff valve and turn the water off so that it doesn’t come through to the filter when you remove it. You’ll also need to empty as much water from the pipes as possible. Open a tap somewhere in your home and keep the faucet on until the water slows down significantly. Then, close the valve leading out of the filter. Finally, press the release button on the filter housing to relieve any additional pressure.

3) Changing the Filter

Place a bucket underneath the filter location to catch the water that drips out after removing the housing. Unscrew the housing and remove the filter cartridge. Throw this away. Clean out the inside of the housing with the soapy water. Replace the filter and screw the housing back in, making it a bit tighter than if you had twisted it in by hand.

Open up the water supply valve slowly. If you notice any leaks, shut the valve off again. You might try applying plumber’s silicon grease to the O-ring. If nothing is wrong, slowly open the valve leading away from the filter. Turn on a tap in the home again and let several gallons of water drain to clear out any dust in the filter.

4) How Often to Replace

We recommend replacing your water filter cartridge once a year, or whenever your water pressure starts to drop. Low water pressure or water flow likely indicates that your filter is clogged. And after about a year, bacteria can built up in the filter—which is something you need to avoid!

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