Annual Gas Heating Tune-Ups for Only $129

Annual Gas Heating Tune-Ups for Only $129

If you are concerned about your gas heating system’s performance, now is the time to take action. Right now, it’s tough to predict just how well your heating system is working. It may run adequately for now, but in the winter, when it works it’s hardest, it’s more likely to break down.

That’s why we recommend annual gas heating tune-ups to all customers, no matter the age of their heating equipment.

Why You Should Schedule This Service Each Year

A heating system can be powerful, durable, and efficient, and still have a small part fail in the middle of winter that shuts down the entire system. Luckily, a fall tune-up includes an inspection which may allow you to catch these problems early on. You’ll also get an adjustment and cleaning of some of the major components of the system.

We recommend you schedule this service each and every year, from the very first year you’ve owned your heater. Studies show that heating systems receiving annual tune-ups just work better. Here are the ways you can benefit.

  • Better energy efficiency.
  • Longer system lifespan.
  • Better performance.
  • Safety.
  • Keep your warranty. (Some furnace warranties state that the owner must have professional maintenance done each year, or else it is void.)

What Makes Our Gas Heating Service Such a Great Deal

Many other companies only give you the bare minimum when they offer gas heating service. If you see a company claiming they can do a complete heating tune-up for only $19.99, you should be suspicious. This almost always means the company plans to sell you a service that is intended to sell you a product. They may convince you that something needs replacement and push you into further service, or they could even have hidden charges.

And a discount heating service typically isn’t complete. Our $129 gas furnace tune-up includes a complete safety inspection, checking the wiring, checking the heat exchanger, oiling motors, replacing filters, and doing whatever we can to make sure your furnace works well for the winter.

Call Mark Lindsay and Son Plumbing & Heating Inc to learn more about this special offer for your gas furnace in Sussex. Excludes high efficiency and oil units. Not to be combined with any other offer. Call for details. Expires Dec 31, 2016

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