10 reasons to test the water in your New Jersey home

10 reasons to test the water in your New Jersey home

How sure are you that what’s coming from your tap is high quality water? If the answer isn’t 100 percent, don’t worry, there is an option: you can have it tested by Mark Lindsay Plumbing’s water quality specialists.

By scheduling a water quality test today, you can put your mind at ease every time you reach for your drinking glass. Here are 10 potential reasons to test your water:

  1. If you have lead pipes or lead soldered joints in your household plumbing
  2. If your water has a strange taste or odor
  3. If your water is “hard” – i.e. if leaves white spots on your pots and bathroom fixtures or stains on your laundry
  4. If there are recurring stomach problems in your family or among visiting guests
  5. If you are pregnant, have a child less than six months old, or someone with a compromised immune system living in your household
  6. If you have a well that is near to a septic tank or underground heating oil tank
  7. If your well is next to an area where livestock are kept
  8. If you have a well and have used pesticides or other chemicals near your well
  9. Your property is near a chemical plant, a gas station, a junkyard, or a heavily salted roadway
  10. You suspect that your well may not meet current building codes

You shouldn’t have to worry every time you reach for a class of water in your own home. Put any doubts to rest with water quality testing from Mark Lindsay Plumbing.

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