bathroom remodeling hamburg nj

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting but overwhelming project. But when you have the experts from Mark Lindsay and Son handle everything, the process becomes an easy and stress-free one. Our professional plumbers, installers, and designers can assist you in transforming your space however you wish, through our customized approaches and one-day bathroom remodeling services. Get in touch with our team of bathroom remodelers for help in Hamburg!

Bathroom Remodeling Service

Our plumbers are experienced in working on all the parts and components of restrooms. We can take charge of every step of your bathroom remodeling project, from updating the fixtures and appliances to adding details to alter the space.

One-Day Bathroom Remodeling We do one-day bathroom remodeling, which is a convenient way to have your space transformed within a short timeframe. In the span of 24 hours, we can get everything swapped out and upgraded, so you can quickly get to enjoying the updated area.

Bath & Shower Remodeling

The experts at Mark Lindsay and Son can help if you want to have a new shower or tub installed. Our staff will come out to your property in Hamburg and assist you with each part of the process, from choosing a product to getting it put in.

Sink Remodeling Services

When the time comes to redo your sink, look to our staff for assistance. Our plumbers will make sure that your bathroom is equipped with a brand new one that not only looks great, but that also has ease of functionality.


The staff of professionals at Mark Lindsay and Son can bring all your dreams and visions to life through our bathroom remodeling service. We have experts who work closely with you to ensure your space is transformed exactly to your taste, and they will complete everything in a quick and efficient manner. Most jobs can be done within one day, and you are sure to love the results. Reach out to us today to have our professionals redo your bathoom!